Morning ~Part 6~

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7:13 a.m.
I woke up in Luke's arms. He's so warm and I wish I could stay like this forever.
"Morning sleepy." Said Luke in his morning, raspy voice.
"Morning." I say, trying to look up at him.
"Let's check if anyone else is up?" Asks Luke.
I nod and we get up. We slowly walk up the stairs on our tiptoes. We first walk up to one of the doors and leaned against it. We heard loud snores.
"It's Michael. He is the only one that snores from all of us in the band." Says Luke, giggling.
We move on to the next door.
"I can't." We hear Tea say.
"Please! Let's do it." Says Ashton in a begging voice.Luke raises his eyebrow at me and I shrug my shoulders.
"No, we can't! We're going to get caught." Says Tea.
"Just this once?" Asks Ashton. At this point, me and Luke were already both giggling loudly. If you ask me, it was weird that they haven't heard us.
"No, no and no." Says Tea, laughing at his confidence.
"Please let's go outside and climb that tree that your neighbors own." Says Ashton. Luke and I start laughing so hard. He leaned on the door over me and the door fell open. I fell on the floor and Luke fell on top of me. He kept his hands on both sides of my head and found his balance. Ashton and Tea were both looking at us in shock, but I didn't care. I just kept on laughing with Luke.
"I told you we'd get caught." Says Tea to Ashton while walking downstairs. "What the bloody hell is going on in here?" Asks Calum in a sleepy voice.

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