With the boys~Part 5~

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We made a deal. I will go and take of my make up, and while I am doing that, Tea will tell the boys the story I couldn't afford to hear. My story. Don't tell anyone, but I started cutting two weeks ago. It's my sort of a runaway from Kyle, from the reality. Tea doesn't know. I won't tell her just because I don't want to dissapoint her. It's for the best. After I finished taking off my make up, I noticed something shiny peeking out off the cupboard. My razor. I can't risk them finding it. It's covered in blood and they would know, and then... They would, well, probably tell Tea. I hid it in a better place, then walked downstairs. Oh God, what will they say? The black eye is still visible and all of the bruises are here...

"Here you are!" Tea squeaks and the boys turn around.

"What took you so long?" Asks Luke, the second person on the renewed list of the people I don't want to lose.

"I, uh, had a lot of make up on." He didn't see me hiding that razor, did he?

"This is bad. Like really bad. You should see the doctor." Luke says, already checking my face.

"I can't... If I do so then I'm a dead person." I say, starting to tear up.

"He won't do anything. And you're forgeting that you have four boys in your house to protect you." Calum says, but I already started crying. Luke's holding me in his arms and we suddenly hear some banging on the door.

"Luke, you stay here with her. Ashton, Calum and Michael, you guys come with me." Tea said, 'cause you all know who's at the door. 
Tea's P.O.V

I open up the door, and there's a drunken and beaten up Kyle standing there.

"Messed up some bussiness with some gang?" I ask, and Michael pulls me to the side just as Kyle was about to punch me. Instead of my face, his fist met a wall, which seemed to only make him angrier. So, I have three options; 1) To see what he's gonna do and then buy myself a grave

2) To throw a first punch and kill him for everything

3) To move aside and let the boys deal with it.

I couldn't decide but luckily Ashton helped me decide. He pulled me aside and told me to go to the living room to be with Maria and Luke. So I went.

She was calm, and they were watching the television in each other's arms. I walked closer to them and noticed they were actually asleep. I put a blanket over them and sat on the floor. They are so cute and I think they would make a cute couple. I won't do anything like setting them up. The love needs to come naturally, or it won't be real. I decided to wait for the boys, but fell asleep on the floor.

30 minutes later...

I woke up to the sound of someone coming in the room. I instantly get up and in the fighting pose.

"Woah, calm down. It's us." I hear Ashton say. I look at the couch and those two sleeping beauties were still sleeping.

"How did it go?" I whisper to him, because the clock on the wall showed midnight.

"Well, we told him she told us to break up with him and you know what he said? That he came here to break up with her." He says.

"Oh my God! We have to celebrate that." I notice the look on his face and add..."But tommorow. Now go to bed. The rooms are upstairs."

"Okay. Are the beds big enough?" He asks.

"Yeah. They are king sized." I say.

"Can I be in your room?" He pleadingly asks.

"Sure, but why?" I ask back.

"The other rooms are taken already." He simply explains.

We walk up to my room and simply just doze off in each other's arms, kinda looking like Luke and Maria who are downstairs.

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