Ignorance ~Part 12~

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Maria's P.O.V.
It's been two days since the day that fan attacked us in the caffee. Luke has been avoiding me since. Even when I try to talk to him, he just walks past me and out of the room. I started hanging with Ashton and Michael a lot more. They are really cool and they're even trying to help me solve 'the Luke Mystery'. Calum is always around Tea. I wonder why Luke won't hang out with me anymore. Actually, no. Why would a famous guy like him embarras himself by being seen with a social failure like me? Never mind. He can do much better without me anyways. I got out of bed and texted Ashton.
Me: Yo where are u??
Ash: Watching tv w/ Mikey.come downstairs xx
Me: Here comes the queen :P
I run downstairs and 'flawlessly' jump on the couch. I look up just to see Ashton rolling his eyes at me and Michael laughing.
"That's not how queens act." Ashton said, cracking a smile.
"Yeah. I thought queens were more... Professional." Adds Michael giggling.
"Well, do you think queen Elizabeth acts just as professional in her free time? I don't think so." I laugh, glancing at the door.
"She surely doesn't jump on her couch like that." Mikey responds. I rolled my eyes at him.
"Whatever." I looked at the TV and noticed they were watching Supernatural. It's one of my favourite shows. I just relaxed and started to enjoy watching it, when I saw Luke walk in the room and past us.
"Come watch TV with us. We all know you like Dean, there is no reason to be ashamed of it." Michael smirks at him. Luke looked at him and rolled his eyes.
"Fuck off, Michael." He said and walked out.
"Hey! Don't swear!" Yelled Ashton after him.
"Wait, where's Calum?" I asked.
"He left a note he and Tea went to his house for breakfast." Mikey says.
"Holy fuck, no! I just hope he doesn't give her ham or something like that!" I exclaimed.
"What? Is she alergic to meat or something? Should I text him?" Says Ashton, already taking out his phone.
"No! She's a vegetarian. And yeah, that's a good idea." He just started to type when...
"You could have told me before!" Calum yells angrily.
"I have! I told you that over and over at least twenty times!" Their voices were getting louder, signalling us they are about to come in.
"Someone get the popcorn!" Yelled Michael, probably making sure that they hear it.
"You have some in the kitchen." I told him. The front doors opened.
"It's not my fault you're so dumb!" Said Calum, walking in the living room, where we sat. Tea slamed the door shut and walked in right behind him. She grabbed him on the shoulder, forced him to turn around, and kicked him in the balls. The boys all ended up helping Calum, getting him ice and stuff... I sat on the couch, eating popcorn and watching them. Tea sat next to me.
"Good work." I said patting her on the shoulder. She just smiled at me.

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