Fighting and making up ~Part 7~

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After we stopped laughing, I decided to walk downstairs alone, because Luke said he needed to go to the bathroom. I lazily walked in the kitchen, and some guy was sitting nervously at the table. The guy looked sad. When I got closer, I noticed the guy was Calum.

"What's wrong, dude?" I asked, taking a seat next to him and looking him in the eyes. Well, I at least tried to, because his eyes were fixed on the table.
"Tea really likes Ashton, doesn't she?" He asks, looking desparate and sad. He also seemed to be finding everything better than looking me in the eyes.
"I don't know. Why?" I asked, and he looked down at the table, obviously tried to avoid my gaze.
"She's just so... Cute and perfect... I can't explain it. But I don't think she would like me back." He says, getting up as if he was about to leave. My first thought was: He's not going anywhere until I understand his problem. So I got up and grabbed his arm, making him to turn around and look at me.
"Well, I think you and her would make a perfectly cute couple and I will do everything I can to make her fall in love with you." I say. He looked at me and just hugged me. We both knew he didn't know how to put his thankfulness into words. Not really knowing what else to do, I kissed him on the cheek.
"Thanks, Maria." He said, looking a bit more happy.
"No problem, bro." I said and he walked out.
Luke's P.O.V
I can't believe she just did that to me!
I finally found a girl I think I like and she goes flirting with my bandmate! How could she do that to me! I accidentally walked in on them and didn't want them to notice me so I hid behind the curtains. Then I saw her hugging him and kissing him. I think she kissed him full on the lips, but I'm not 100% sure about that. More like 95%. I really thought she liked me back...
Now I'm sitting on a bench in her backyard and I'm really wanting to go to my flat... Away from her, from all of this...
Tea's P.O.V
I walked out of the house. I decided to go in our backyard to lay in the grass and relax a little bit. I laid down and stared at the sky. Birds are sounding very sad today. Wait... On the second hand, I don't think it's birds. I got up and looked around. There was Luke sitting on a bench, crying in his hands. I walked over to him and sat down on the floor.
"What happened?" He looked up at me. His eyes were red and puffy.
"Maria... I thought she liked me... I can't believe she'd make me believe in one thing, then does something totally different." Poor boy, I thought. I sat up on the bench and hugged him.
"What did she do? Tell me so I know how to treat her." I said, and he began explaining.
"I walked in on them talking, and I didn't want to interrupt them so I hid behind the curtains. She kissed him."He says, looking at the floor.
"Who kissed who?" We heard Maria say from behind us. We turn around to face her.
"You kissed Calum. Don't play dumb." I say, glaring at her.
"On the cheek. What's wrong with that?" She asks, looking confused.
"Hurting Luke! Maybe that's what's wrong!" I practically yell at her. Sometimes she pretends to be innocent, and that drives me crazy!
"Well, I had to calm him down because someone had hurt him!" She yells back. Calum suddenly appeared behind her.
"Yes, she's right." He looked over at us, first at Luke, and then he looked at me. He stared at me for a while.
"OMG! A staring competition? Can I join? Please!" Ashton says excitedly.
"Hey Ash, will you go to the kitchen and make us some pancakes? And make us some tea, please?" Maria asked casually, but in her famous British accent.
"Okay, I will, but have you seen Michael?" Ashton asks.
"He's probably upstairs, playing Xbox." Luke says, trying to sound like everything is fine but his voice was clearly cracking at the end.
I waved goodbye to Ashton, signaling him to get to the kitchen. When I saw he was gone, I continued the fight again.
"Who the fuck do you think you are, Maria? If you like"I put airquotes around the word like. "Luke, don't go flirting with Calum!" I stopped just to take my breath, but Maria interrupted me.
"Oh, shut up Tea! You aren't a saint either! I thought you knew me better than to blame me for talking to Calum about you being his huge crush!"
My P.O.V
I didn't even know what I was saying. Words were just sipping out of my mouth like a huge, fast river. I hope I didn't blurt out anything that I was supposed to keep a secret. But my hopes faded soon, as I saw colour drain out of Calum's face. I just hope I haven't said anything about him and Tea. Tea seemed in a fighting mood earlier, but she just shut up when I was done talking. She even started blushing. So I guess I've said it...
"Shit, Jesus! Sorry Calum. I know I wasn't supposed to say that!" I started apologizing. I looked up at his face, he started blushing too. He didn't respond, or give me any signal that he's heard me.
"Let's leave them alone, shall we?" Said Luke, offering me his arm. I thought about it for a moment, but in the end, I took it.
We started to walk out of the backyard. I occasionally looked up at him and caught him already looking at me. I would expect him to look away, but he didn't. He would just smile awkwardly at me and turn his head forward. When we came in front of the staircase, he stopped, picked me up and put me on the first stair so I was facing him (I still had to look up do I'd see his baby blue eyes).
"Look, I am so sorry that I started that argument. I just really like you and I don't know how to phrase this into words... Ummm.. Look, every girl I liked left, and I know you will leave eventually too. But can we start this friendship over and pretend that argument never happened." He's gotten me crying by the end of his little speech. I couldn't find the words, so I just hugged him around the neck.
"Well that was very romantic and everything, but it's time for pancakes!" Says Ashton to his phone, obviously filming something. I didn't get why would he be filming this at first, but Luke helped me realize.
"Dude, why do you keek about everything on the face of earth?"Ashton laughed at how annoyed Luke was.
"Lukey, calm down." I hugged him again and pretended to fall on top of him to get his attention again. He catched me by the waist and we stood like that, for a minute, maybe two.

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