The concert ~Part 4~

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The day has finnaly come! I put on my dress and my black converse that easily fit with everything. I decide I'd just leave my hair natural and I walk to Tea's room so she would do our make up.

"Wow! You look absolutely breath taking! If Ashton doesn't fall in love with you today, then I really don't know what's wrong with him!" I say.

"Haha thanks! You look gorgeous too, you know?"

50 minutes later...

We were standing inside of a giant arena! Of course, we are here first so we could take the best sitting places! We took two seats right in the middle of the front row and looked around, not making the effort of getting up. The place was absolutely beautiful. And then we heard male giggles coming from the backstage.

"They are adorable haha!"

"Yeah but they probably aren't going to be on the show."

"Wait... That girl on the right has a bruised face."

They noticed. Me and Tea exchange looks. And they can obviously see us.

The concert started. It was fun sooo fun!!! But it lasted to short. We danced, sang with them, and they said they want to meet some of the fans by staying at their place for a couple of days. Everyone in the arena raised their hands except me and Tea. I mean, why would they pick us? But...

"Where are the two girls that were here before the show?" Luke asks from the stage. We raise our hands.

"Do you have enough space in your flat for four teenage guys?" Ashton asks from behind. We knew they wouldn't hear over all of the noise in the arena so I took a piece of paper from my bag and gave it to Tea. She took a marker out of her bag and wrote a huge "Yes", then showed it to them. 

"Do you have a car?" Asks Michael, and Tea turns the paper around and because she gave you the marker, you write down: "No".

"Okay, then I will drive us all in my car." Luke says calmly and the crowd starts yelling.


Tea went backstage to make a deal with the boys and left me out here with fans, who were all giving me pieces of paper with their twitter usernames on them. My bag was now starting to feel really heavy, and plus I noticed someone I didn't want to come here. Kyle. I started searching for my phone but I couldn't find it, so I asked one girl to give me her's and she did. I called Tea and told her to come as soon as possible 'cause Kyle was here. She says she will send one of the boys because they run faster than her.
Luke's P.O.V

"Shit, her boyfriend's here." I could hear Tea say.

"Wait what?" I say.

"Not exactly a boyfriend material. Can you go out there? Please? You probably run faster than me." She says.

"So... It can get bad?" I ask confusedly.

"Yes. Wait to see what he's up to if you want, but just stop him. He's done enough." I just nod and run out.

I got out and I saw her. She noticed me too, so I smile encouraging at her, letting her know I won't let him do anything. She seemed to relax a little. I saw a figure of that guy was a lot closer to her than I was, so I start going forward fastly to stop him. But too late. He's already punched her. So I punch him back, and repeat that a couple of times. Then I take her by the hand and lead her inside. She was still crying. So I tried to calm her and it worked. I made her talk to me and I found out Tea is usually protecting her. And I made her promise she will take of her make up when we get home and let me see what Kyle has done so far. The car ride was silent except Tea giving us the adress.

"So you live two streets away from my house!" I say when they told us the adress.

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