Bandages and sex ~Part 9~

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I was helping Luke with his nose. I just put a bandage over his nose when I heard footsteps coming from downstairs. I looked at Luke questioningly and he looked back at me, signaling he heard them too. He grabbed my hand and led me towards the door. He peeked through the lock on the door and I stood next to him and leaned my ear on the door. The wood felt cold but I ignored it and tried to hear something. I heard some weird sounds that sounded like... Two people kissing? I looked at Luke weirdly and he said:
"Calum and Tea are making out in the hall." He said, smirking at me. " Do you have condoms?" Calum asked. "Yeah, here you go." Tea said. I heard them walking and then I heard the door open and close. I looked at Luke, expecting him to tell me which one.
"They walked in one of the rooms." Was all he said.
"Really?" I said sarcastically. "Which one?"
"The third on the left." Meaning, my room... He got up with a grimace.
"That would be my room." I said hugging him. He laughed and hugged me back.
"Poor you." He said in a baby voice.

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