Vengeance Throne (Treachery Queen #2) by ChloeFairchild
Vengeance Throne (Treachery Queen... by Chloe Fairchild Fantasy
In the sequel to Treachery Queen, the Seelie Court has declared its war on the world, and nothing will ever be the same. It has only been a week since Pasiphae of Eo en...
Sommer der letzten Atemzüge by Tippfehler
Sommer der letzten Atemzüge by juliet Short Story
"Ich möchte ertrinken." Ein Satz mit dem Harper fast ihre neue Urlaubsbekanntschaft verscheucht. Aber nur fast, denn Juli ist neugierig und will wissen was si...
The Little Merman by Zenon107
The Little Merman by Verria-Nichole Fanfiction
Remember the wonderful underwater adventure you saw as a child? This is no longer that tale. Welcome to "The Little Merman" as it follows coming-of-age Arel an...
Mother of Pearl by AnnaQuin07
Mother of Pearl by Anna Short Story
Calandra the mermaid gets caught up in a web of treasure-seeking pirates. This was supposed to be a vacation! Warning: non-graphic violence abounds and there are defini...
Undertale Lemons by MultiFandomFreakout
Mythical Investigations by elizastopps
Mythical Investigations by Eliza Stopps Science Fiction
Leslie Kim escaped Earth in the height of it's takeover from Vampires. He's left his career as a Bounty Hunter in the past, along with his old flings and bad memories. N...
Alfheim Online RP by Haruka_Anami
Alfheim Online RP by Haruka - Chan Short Story
Welcome to Alfheim Online!