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Sorceress by Nebula07
Sorceressby Nebula07
They came at night, angry and lustful for treasure and slaves. We stood no chance. I lay in bed, completely oblivious. Then I heard the screaming. Aine O'Connell has bee...
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The Book of the Horned God by BealFeirsteBard
The Book of the Horned Godby BealFeirsteBard
These are a collection of Irish myths and legends, specifically ones set in an ongoing fictional universe I've been creating. They are not a cohesive story nor are they...
A Hasty Retreat (Donegal Sidhe #0.75) by GailWagner
A Hasty Retreat (Donegal Sidhe #0...by Gail Wagner
Trevor Bradigan has always done what he's told. Now he just wants to live his own life. His overbearing family wants him to make an advantageous match and get married...
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The Monroe Girls: Books 1 & 2 by Jordy_Marie
The Monroe Girls: Books 1 & 2by Jordan Marie
Book 1:Cousins Mia and Sophia Monroe are smart, stubborn, charismatic, and, yeah, witches. It runs in the family. Mia loves magic and Sophia refuses to give into the te...
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Chosen Husband: On Highlander Time book 1 by AnneMcBrideEveland
Chosen Husband: On Highlander Time...by Anne McBride Eveland
Fiction, Science fiction, fantasy, time travel, historical, romance, Christian. "This must be some dream," whispered Lyra. Lyra Luhr has traveled from the ye...
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The Celtic Elf ghost game by LunaWhitegrass
The Celtic Elf ghost gameby Luna Whiteglass
A celtic horror folktale/ghost game that will probably give you consideration and nightmares at the same time. Please read, and consider trying it out...
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The Beginning Of A Dream by XxTigerLillyxX
The Beginning Of A Dreamby XxTigerLillyxX
This is my very first story ever! So PLEASE leave your opinions!! Halle, finds herself making her dreams come true by becoming an NXT diva and joining the WWE Diva Roste...
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Diary of a Faerie Princess by AislinnRiley
Diary of a Faerie Princessby Aislinn
A humorous and tragic twist on Celtic Mythology as you know it. This diary follows a daughter of a goddess and Faerie King who must choose between duty to her people, an...
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Two Gods & Two Laoch Walk Into a Bar by ALMcGurk
Two Gods & Two Laoch Walk Into a B...by Angela McGurk
There are many realms. There are many immortal creatures. Gods roam the Earth and sometimes the warriors of Tir Na Nog visit them, but what they bring with them could ca...
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After Whorl: Bran Reborn by NancyJardine
After Whorl: Bran Rebornby Nancy Jardine
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Celtic Knot by spiralinglotusdragon
Celtic Knotby Ches. Feles
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The Black Luna by emily9708
The Black Lunaby Emily
The black Luna is the most feared creature over Celtic Scotland and has been for the last 500 years killing and murdering villagers feared more than any man alive Cold...
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Vampires & Werewolves & Others [information] by DVampire
Vampires & Werewolves & Others [in...by Dessy
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Emily's House: Book 1 of the Akasha Chronicles by NatalieWright_
Emily's House: Book 1 of the Akash...by Natalie Wright
Fourteen-year-old Emily Adams is flunking math - and life. But Emily has a secret, one that she has kept even from her best friends. Soon the ancient legacy coursing thr...
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The Selkie by CelinetheCrazy
The Selkieby Celine
Arni is a selkie, a seal who can shed its skin and walk on land as a human. After unwittingly shedding her skin when she was a young pup, she loses it to the waves and b...
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An Irish Flower (Medieval Romance/Adventure Story) by Genevive
An Irish Flower (Medieval Romance...by Genevive
Startled, she started to apologize. “My lord, I meant no harm this aftern-” He cut her off. “Be silent, woman. I need to explain some things to you, things you apparentl...
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5 Days With Celtic Thunder *ON HOLD* by ShalomNiall
5 Days With Celtic Thunder *ON HOL...by Jenna
Best friends Emma and Jenna have won a contest where they get to spend 5 days on the road with their favorite Irish group, Celtic Thunder. Of course, Emma and Jenna have...
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God Complex by NamePendingCreations
God Complexby NamePendingCreations
Following the death of God, war breaks out between the pantheons, leaving violence and politics to determine who will take the title "King of Kings" ...
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The Last Rose of Summer by monkiram
The Last Rose of Summerby Monika
In the ostentatious world of turn-of-the-century England, a broken-hearted young lady finds herself caught in a society of pretentious women, pompous men, flamboyant dre...
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Faelorehn - Book One of the Otherworld Trilogy by AuthorJEJohnson
Faelorehn - Book One of the Otherw...by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
Meghan Elam has been strange her entire life: her eyes have this odd habit of changing color and she sees and hears things no one else does. When the visions and voices...
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