Heart of Gold [Thorin Oakenshield] by bagginshields
Heart of Gold [Thorin Oakenshield]by bagginshields
Dania and Thorin have known each other ever since they were kids. When the dragon attacks Erebor, they have to leave and find a new home. They pass more and more time wi...
  • dwalin
  • thorin
  • fantasy
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Dwarf by Little_Flame
Dwarfby Little Flame
A dwarf is a small humanoid creature that dwells in the mountains and in the Earth. They are variously associated with wisdom, smithing, mining and crafting. Edryn is on...
  • choji
  • neji
  • sakura
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Arshi SS : Flawsome  by JoeArshi
Arshi SS : Flawsome by Joe Arshi
Your are awesome when you embrace your flaws.... A unique and different love story... Cover credit : Megha Miglani Ranks - 13 June 2018 #337 in Fanfiction #1 in Dwarf ou...
  • curvy
  • brownskinned
  • steamy
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Heart by danikanakker
Heartby Danika Vanguard
In times past, a warrior would eat the heart of his enemies to gain their strength... These are the times past. The Queen of Hearts sits on the throne of Catrimar. Her s...
  • beast
  • retellingsunite
  • rose
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Summoner: The Novice (Book 1) SAMPLE OF NOW PUBLISHED BOOK by TaranMatharu
Summoner: The Novice (Book 1) SAMP...by Taran Matharu
SAMPLE OF PUBLISHED BOOK THAT WAS FIRST WRITTEN ON WATTPAD. Fletcher was nothing more than a humble blacksmith's apprentice, when a chance encounter leads to the discove...
  • witch
  • action
  • death
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Snow and the 13 dwarves by LabyrinthLover12345
Snow and the 13 dwarvesby Clever
Sarah is just your abnormal 16 year old girl. Well, used to be, until she fell, hit her head, and then woke up in her favorite book. Now she must go on a quest to reclai...
  • gandalf
  • thorin
  • rings
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Sauron's Adopted Daughter by l-e-g-o-l-a-s
Sauron's Adopted Daughterby Legolas Greenleaf
Caladwen was a baby elf who lost her family. She was all alone when Sauron, Lord of Mordor found her. He took her back to Mordor with him and raised her as his own. She...
  • evil
  • earth
  • dwarf
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The elf, the hobbit and the dwarf - Legolas FanFiction Book 1 by Nmalik11
The elf, the hobbit and the dwarf...by Nmalik11
Emerald wasn't an ordinary elf in the world of Middle Earth. She had sylph blood in her veins, the blood of the small, untrustworthy small creatures that both had the po...
  • lotr
  • peterjackson
  • middleearth
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A Gentleman's Journey In Another World by JDaemon
A Gentleman's Journey In Another W...by JDaemon
(Y/N) is a gentlemen, someone that could even put kings and queens to shame with it's manners and delicacy.... so much so that they kill him for it. But god sad about fa...
  • humor
  • fantasy
  • romance
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The Silver Sceptre | On Hold by bookworm215x
The Silver Sceptre | On Holdby Bookworm215x
Two elves from the Great City, one of a noble bloodline and the other of a treacherous, are tasked with journeying into the unknown in the hopes of expanding the Elven...
  • dwarf
  • elf
  • goblin
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Her Fantasy Play by YoLoPeep
Her Fantasy Playby YoLoPeep
The story of a girl who remembered her previous life as a genius who died and was reincarnated to another world as a person who looked like her in-game character. She al...
  • dungeon
  • land
  • demons
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Poisoned  by Fairest14
Poisoned by Simone Gold
"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the Fairest of them all?" "I am sorry to say, my queen, but your stepsister has grown in grace, and now beauty. Your H...
  • dwarves
  • magicmirror
  • adventure
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The Hollow Grove: A Companions Story [Book II] by matthewbrownstories
The Hollow Grove: A Companions Sto...by Matthew Brown
Haygen, the soft-hearted Barbarian, is on a quest to find his Druid mother. His three companions wouldn't dare let him travel to the Far East alone. The Eastern lands...
  • magic
  • swordandsorcery
  • warrior
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The 16th Member (the hobbit fanfic) by Th3resa
The 16th Member (the hobbit fanfic)by I C E T E A
му иαмє ιѕ кαℓєα. ι ωιѕн тσ ʝσιи уσυя ¢σмραиу. This is the story of a She-elf who wanted adventure and excitement. She found just that when a Company of dwarves and a Ho...
  • middle
  • elf
  • kalea
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Reversed Life (Eragon fanfic) by BlazingPhoenix268
Reversed Life (Eragon fanfic)by BlazingPhoenix268
Eragon never lived in Carvahall, but his half-brother, Murtagh did. Instead, Eragon took on the name of another as he bares the crest of the Empire, willingly, but will...
  • human
  • inheritencecycle
  • dragon
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Adopted by the Yogscast. by PandaLoric
Adopted by the Yogscast.by PandaLoric
Alyssa Hayford has been alone her whole life, her parents died in a tragic fire when she was only 4 years old. From previous ordeals, Alyssa is scared to talk and very r...
  • adopted
  • alyssa
  • games
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A Shattered Life (LOTR/Legolas Fanfic) by ElvenArcher0106
A Shattered Life (LOTR/Legolas Fan...by Sophie
It's been 60 years since Amara Silverhood traveled with the Company of Thorin Oakenshield, but the pain in her heart remains as ever present as the day that her love Kil...
  • thereturnoftheking
  • thelordoftherings
  • aragorn
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The Gathering,  Bloodmoure Chronicles by JRShepherd
The Gathering, Bloodmoure Chronic...by Jason R Shepherd
*Featured in Fantasy September 2017* Aticus, a young man with a mysterious past, faces a new and uncertain future. With the help of a peculiar dwarf and a group of compa...
  • highfantasy
  • faith
  • yourchoice2018
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Treacherous Dream: the beginning | (The Hobbit/ThorinxOC fanfiction) by katechrystalp
Treacherous Dream: the beginning |...by ♚Miss C♛
◆ Honorable Mention to "Fiction Genres Unite" of 2017 ★ Winner to "The Brigade Awards of 2017" (Category Fanfiction) ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••...
  • thehobbitfanfiction
  • tragicromance
  • thehobbit
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The World Of A Legend. by WeenieButtwrites
The World Of A Legend.by Weeniewrites
In year 2205, after the Earth was sent into a premature continental drift and the continents combined into one, most of humanity was wiped out out, those that survived h...
  • post-apocalyptic
  • fantasy
  • futuristic
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