Psychological Facts 101 by Chayse_Lhynn
Psychological Facts 101 by Chayse Non-Fiction
Psychology: The Science of behavior and mind, embracing all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience as well as thought. "You know too much Psychology wh...
You Are The Only Exception {Teacher/Student Relationship} by 10stephanieg
You Are The Only Exception {Teache... by Stephanie Teen Fiction
Michelle doesn't want to think about her parents divorce. No more, then she already has. Michelle swears she will never let herself forget what her father did to both h...
The Cullen Project by ElizabethMasenCullen
The Cullen Project by ElizabethMasenCullen Fanfiction
Elizabeth Masen looks like your typical rich girl from the outside. Perfect body, perfect face, perfect hair, perfect grades, lives in a nice house, has guys trailing af...
My Life In Ruins by writeon27
My Life In Ruins by Ansley Adventure
Passport? Check. A book of maps of every country in the world? Check. Backpack and small suitcase that contains everything I possess? Check. The world best, internati...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epoch by Ian D. Ghrist Action
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
The Things We Bury [Book One - Completed] by DavidJThirteen
The Things We Bury [Book One - Com... by David J. Thirteen Paranormal
In the spring of 2012, the US government captured a creature that wasn't supposed to exist. Faced with a being of myth and nightmares, they built a secret facility half...
Happy Birthday, You're A Freak by friendofstrangers
Happy Birthday, You're A Freak by Victoria Teen Fiction
When Raeanne Roosevelt turned fifteen strange things started to happen. She found she could do things she never thought were possible, and people came after her. Two yea...
Insane World of Overload (aka me) The Rant Book by EVIL-author
Insane World of Overload (aka me)... by Overload Random
I don't have inspiration so I don't update. But I can't shut up so I made this.
Heart of The Jungle by mrsjacewayland
Heart of The Jungle by MrsJaceWayland Werewolf
They had stolen him from Africa during a research expedition. They saw his abilities and they knew they could use it to their advantage. He was treated like an animal-be...
Into Another World (Naruto Fanfiction) [On Hold] by boogieinyourcloset
Into Another World (Naruto Fanfict... by Janie Fanfiction
~Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto~ Alice had a rough past in which she hides from everyone---even her friends. But what happens when she and her friends are sucked into a...
Time Shift by Aurora808
Time Shift by Aurora808 Science Fiction
An explosion in a laboratory kills several scientists and sends one man back two months in time where he tries desperately to prevent the disaster from happening. No one...
Bipolar Disorder: Society vs Truth by OmorfiaUnderwood
Bipolar Disorder: Society vs Truth by Ophelia Underwood Non-Fiction
This is a project for English class. How people perceive Bipolar Disorder Vs. What bipolar disorder really is and how it affects lives.
Vampire Lessons by AshaWheeler
Vampire Lessons by Asha Wheeler Vampire
The vampire princesses were adopted into the human world when a plot was discovered to end their lives. Lost records make difficult to tell them apart. They must learn w...
The Escort by Bella-234
The Escort by Bella Teen Fiction
Danny is twenty three and a male escort and no it doesn’t include what most people think. He lives his life in expensive suits and wines and dines some of the country’s...
The Dark Days by ElvenFireball
The Dark Days by THE FIREBALL / Minecraft Robl... Action
(UNFINISHED) This book is about a girl named Harriet who is trying to survive a very deadly disease. Will she survive? Please remember to like a chapter if you liked it...
Naru x Mai: Stay Close (Discontinued) by kisskissfallinahole
Naru x Mai: Stay Close (Discontinu... by ouran high school /post/ club Fanfiction
DISCONTINUED- ONLY THREE CHAPTERS AND ALL OF THEM ARE ABOUT THREE PAGES LONG WHOOPS (more stuff about this in the last chapter titled important an)
Zodiac Signs by The_Goddess_of_death
Zodiac Signs by lusha Random
Two make one. Imma tell what signs are cute and strong with each other. If Dont like Dont read.
Answer Me This by CCrawfordWriting
Answer Me This by Crystal Crawford Random
Answer me this, Answer me that; Using readers for research Is where it is at. *No further terrible poems will be contained in this book.*
Quest of the Spirit: From Suffering to Acceptance by Bryan E. Sowell by Bryan_E_Sowell
Quest of the Spirit: From Sufferin... by Bryan E. Sowell Random
God's spirit works in the lives of men during times of separation, suffering, and despair to provide solace, self-awareness, and hope. Through Quest of the Spirit, one...