How To Be The Best Third Wheel by summerbackthen
How To Be The Best Third Wheel by Summer Angeles Humor
*Wattpad featured story* Highest rank: #7 in Humour "Hang with us!" they said. "It'll be fun!" they said. Yeah, not too fun when all your friends are...
Purity || J.JK by JaneyyCakess
Purity || J.JK by ジェーン Fanfiction
you never realize how special your purity is until you lose it. |♕| Smutty 18+ Content. |♕| Cheating. |♕| Drama. |♕| Angst. |♕| Complete.
She's a ghost. || Jeon Jungkook by JiTae_
She's a ghost. || Jeon Jungkook by JiTae_ Fanfiction
With just a one glance people think she's straight up from a horror movie. She get's hired as a ghost for all kind of jobs and starts to believe that it's for the best t...
BTS Go Go Awards 2017 by btsfanficawards
BTS Go Go Awards 2017 by BTS Awards Random
Awards for BTS fanfiction writers. For only under 20k.
BTS Love Myself Awards 2017 [OPEN] by BTSLoveMyselfAward
BTS Love Myself Awards 2017 [OPEN] by BTSLoveMyselfAward Random
[OPEN] Welcome to the BTS Love Myself Awards, hosted by Kinsanityy and _MinSuga-infires ♥️ This is a competition for BTS Fanfics with under 2K and over 2K reads! Join u...
Flower Girl by -stellae
Flower Girl by ᴀ ʟ ʟ ᴇ ᴀ ʜ Poetry
❝She was broken in the most beautiful way.❞ → HR: #134 in poetry [19.11.17] → Featured on the Wattpad poetry profile's reading list, Heart Stains → © 2017, Alleah Donah...
Her Brother's Best Friend - Aching Hearts Series #2 by TheWritingWolf1
Her Brother's Best Friend - Aching... by Artemis Wolf General Fiction
If asked, baby Emily Robinson would have gleefully said that, her life revolved around two cornerstones: volleyball, Riley. Volleyball was the passion that gave her li...
Counting Her Flaws ✔ by xFakingaSmilex
Counting Her Flaws ✔ by Stephanie Short Story
❝Grace thought she was perfect until they started counting her flaws.❞
Enunciate  by itsmyjam
Enunciate by Lyss Teen Fiction
IN WHICH a girl is left with a broken heart and a boy is surrounded by broken rules. *extended summary inside* [[ a series of texts and messages ]] (Sequel to Epistle) ...
TRAPPED IN LIES | KIM TAEHYUNG FAN... by Calico Chim Fanfiction
"Why did everybody behave so weird?" Those phrases keep wondering in Taehyung's mind. He is confused whether to stay in his dream or should he follow others dr...
Love Yourself (JB+AG) by official_et_
Love Yourself (JB+AG) by Eh'vyn Fanfiction
"Ariana, don't do this" "Justin, it's too late" "I can't lose you, baby girl, don't go. I love you" "I'm already gone" Cover Cr...
LOVE YOURSELF. by yoongisparks
LOVE YOURSELF. by amber¨̮ Fanfiction
"how can i love the both of you when i can't even love myself?" yoonminseok © yoongisparks
100 Reasons Why by Aestrophilia
100 Reasons Why by erica❀ Random
100 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Commit Suicide. #FreeMentalIllness
Saints' Promise (MC) by AussieeBums
Saints' Promise (MC) by S.Caudill Action
Small towns seem to be a beacon for those in need and Saint Lawson is no exception when it comes to Willow Falls. //Completed-Edited// //Book 1 in the Promise Series//
pulchritude ➼ markoeun by neocouture
pulchritude ➼ markoeun by ace ❥ Fanfiction
Mark has always been able to see true beauty, whether it be within nature or humanity. Coincidentally, he meets Koeun, an eighteen year old outsider who isolates herself...
ˢᵘᵐᵐᵉʳ ᶫᵒᵛᵉ by bellasoleil
ˢᵘᵐᵐᵉʳ ᶫᵒᵛᵉ by ⛄Christmace⛄ Teen Fiction
DO WE find true love or destiny finds it for us? When young people say they're in-love, how do they know that it's really love and not just any part of process through p...
Letters to Someone by Milli-ax
Letters to Someone by Millie Teen Fiction
"They escaped the weight of loneliness, of darkness. They took a path, followed it and figured it out. Finally, they knew. They knew that, as long they were togethe...
GOING BACK TO SCHOOL TIPS 🌸✏✨ by tooleeanna
GOING BACK TO SCHOOL TIPS 🌸✏✨ by california ✨ Random
Going back to school? Need advice? From boys, to grades, to Outfits read this! 😍 Keeping it 💯 is what I do 💞 More coming soon. ...
Quote Book // Happy Quotes  by positive_moods
Quote Book // Happy Quotes by Positive Vibes😍🤞🏼 Poetry
When you feel as though you need a helping hand (or book) to get through your day, this is the book to read! Book cover inspired by The Fault In Our Stars by John Green...
When love kills by keishcapone
When love kills by Keish Random
I will do whatever it take for you to love me. Her boyfriends beats her but she still stay read to find out what happen.