How To Be The Best Third Wheel

How To Be The Best Third Wheel

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"Hang with us!" they said. "It'll be fun!" they said. Yeah, not too fun when all your friends are making out with their boyfriends and you're stuck in a corner pretending to be scrolling through your text messages when you'd be better off sneaking away from the premises. Not that they wanted you here in the first place, they were just trying to be nice.

If you've ever been in a situation similar to that, you're diagnosed with something called being the THIRD WHEEL. Symptoms include:
-wanting to puke and slap the love out of every couple you see.


Meet 16 year old Lara De la Cruz. Being a girl in her junior year was supposed to be awesome. Getting her licence and finally being able to do crazy things with her 3 besties, Kiera, Jasmine, and Carol. They've been the group of four since fifth grade! Well, up until the 3 friend thieves came about. (Her friends said something about "boy-fries" or something like that) Ever since they got those things, all plans have been cancelled. Surviving school with occupied friends has never been so hard. New mission: be the best third wheel ever. Rule number one: you must keep the friendship bond and not let the thieves out of your sight. Oh, and try not to hurt (who am I kidding, critically injure) their boy-fries. 

Plus, avoid any distractions! Especially Mr. Popularity, (who she wants to also critically injure) Jameson Bryer.

He never civilly talks to her anyways, so not a big problem...right?

WARNING: This book may cause a loss of brain cells from face palms, irregular/rapid heartbeats from character ships, and uncontrollable swooning over mushy stuff. Oh, and there might be too many relatable moments.

LAUGH, LAUGH, and LAUGH even harder at this semi-cliché highschool story. 

"Fries over guys." said by literally everyone, before they actually get a guy and make me the third wheel! *screams externally*

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Started: 02/12/1

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dont worry my brain cells died when i opened the history book.
BlueeSphere BlueeSphere Aug 08
Oh, Im up to that. My braincells is on vacay and i dont know whene they'll come back anyways..
Isn't it *tags along with*?
                              By the way, your writing is captivating. Enchanting. Beautiful.
                              Sorry; it's just that Dela Cruz is the last name of my sister's teacher.