idolzoned│jjk ✓ by sataellite
idolzoned│jjk ✓ by che.
❝ i'm sorry, you're my idol and i can't see you as something more. ❞ #74 in Fanfiction - Thu, 23 Nov 2017
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Text Me, Teacher. | YOONMIN FF by StarlightNArmy
Text Me, Teacher. | YOONMIN FF by 💗 hiraeth 💗
❝Who are you?❞ ❝Someone.❞ Jimin has never been attracted to anyone, not even his ex-girlfriend Sojin - Until Mr Min, that is. Mr Min Yoongi : Young, handsome and proba...
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k-idols & k-actors by Dejuuhh
k-idols & k-actors by 💧
[interracial includes as always.] [khh artists and soloist as well.] [k-youtubers as well.]
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Book 1: My Sex God || p.jm  (comp)#LYS2K18 #thecastlebtsawards2017 #Kficsawards by LadyKimTae
Book 1: My Sex God || p.jm (comp)... by LadyKimTae
I wanna stop time When this moment is done - Seeing a side of Jimin no one thought he had. ;) Its basically a huge smut! If you love smuts you'll love this book :) 18+ r...
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Learn Korean - For Beginners [ Montly Update ] by KookiesAndCream2002
Learn Korean - For Beginners [ Mon... by Bisoo
Tips, words, phrases, sentences, emotions and more!
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FOR YOU (BTS Kim Taehyung) by aifa_kim
FOR YOU (BTS Kim Taehyung) by aifa_kim
Park Hyerin - A happy go lucky girl who in her last year at Medical University. Live with her mother and a little brother after her father die. Has a cheerful side, a li...
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Killer In The Crowd [Min Yoongi X Reader] by BringmetheHorizonfan
Killer In The Crowd [Min Yoongi X... by BringmetheHorizonfan
An unknown killer suddenly appeares one day in your small and peaceful town and is going around killing people on a spree. What if one day he sets his sights on you and...
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My Bad Boy (Jimin x Reader) {ON HOLD} by maknae_1995
My Bad Boy (Jimin x Reader) {ON HO... by GD
Meet the bad boy..... Park Jimin (UNEDITED- I'm still trying to edit and I'm possibly changing a bit of the story to m...
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Blackpink reactions  by xxxtentacionfan
Blackpink reactions by BlinkOnceBuddy
Some this is blackpink x female reader and the rest is blackpink x reader (gender isn't mentioned)This is a book about how I think blackpink would react to you doing or...
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There For You... by that5SOSlife4Eva
There For You... by that5SOSlife4Eva
Jimin and you are best friends since you were little and you two grew up together......but someone gets in the way of you and Jimin being together....
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waves | j.jk ♥︎ k.th | by TaekWhatYouWant
waves | j.jk ♥︎ k.th | by .
•lower case intended Wherein Kim Taehyung belongs to the endangered species of mermaids, and Jeon Jungkook is the prince- well, the prince of the business world. We...
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Super Junior's Super Girl by Mizukiharu2
Super Junior's Super Girl by Dani
One day, a young singer named Minae was discovered by none other than Jung Hoon, the manager of Super Junior. Jung Hoon thinks that she is talented, so he talks to the S...
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School Life | Felix Lee | Stray Kids by weloveutae
School Life | Felix Lee | Stray Ki... by WELCOME MY LOVES ♡
Anna Lim moves to a new town, where she will have to start a new school life and get on with it. On the first day, she messes up with the school bully, Felix Lee. Felix...
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Kpop Imagines by kpopdramallama
Kpop Imagines by kpopdramallama
Kpop imagines/scenarios/drabbles/ reactions/ oneshots. It's my first time writing about anything Kpop so let's hope this turns out well. Gifs/pictures/videos are not mi...
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Bought ☻ jikook by jungcoc
Bought ☻ jikook by tae's hoe
"I bought you to fuck, not love" top↑ jungkook bottom↓ jimin 《Jimin after being disowned as a teen had fallen into the dark parts of society known as 'human...
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A Nerd turns into a Heartthrob? || K.TH by KimTaehyungie192
A Nerd turns into a Heartthrob? ||... by 아기외계인
This is a Story of KIM TAEHYUNG. MY ULTIMATE BIAS IN BTS. It's my first story of BTS so please support me!! 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷...
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nightlight entertainment  by thtboijisoo
nightlight entertainment by yena
▪☆▪ "our idols are the nightlights on your dark days" ▪☆▪
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Nuest Quotes by bellacxllens
Nuest Quotes by Bella
"They inspired me." ◇ Highest ◇: #42
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sixteen | kim samuel  by sh00ga
sixteen | kim samuel by realdefdanik
he'll make you sweet sixteen. 💐 ©sh00ga
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Don't Call Me SunBAE by sall_hwa
Don't Call Me SunBAE by Sally 황
선배: /sun-bae/ 1. A person in a grade or position higher than you. Julie Choi, known by her classmates as Choi Gaeun, simply wants to get through the second half...
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