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Their Little Prinkípissa by issabelle354
Their Little Prinkípissaby issabelle354
ARTEMIS DOROTHEA KING. THREE years old. The epitome of innocent and kindness. Just like her mother. Kept hidden away from the world in the care of her overprotective fa...
Mafia Queen by Ur_local_freak30
Mafia Queenby LittleFreak😉
Lilith Russo was raised to be the perfect Italian capo(mafia leader) of the Dark Crests. She fears nothing and no one: She's the baddest of them all and Italy is her ter...
Her Seven Deadly Brothers (COMPLETED)✔ by Davina_K_Cruz
Her Seven Deadly Brothers ( Buttercup baby
Nora, a shy, timid girl. Standing at 4'10" at the age of 15. She was completely unaware of the darkest truth of her life. Until one night, everything changed and hi...
Mafia Fate | Taehyung FF ✔ by xbubblegum_bliss
Mafia Fate | Taehyung FF ✔by bubblemess
A betrayal changed Y/N's life forever. A mistake lured a mafia-Kim Taehyung. The torture will stop, but when? . . . . (disclaimer : I do not own any pictures or videos u...
The Mafia King 1 by M_Chow_xo
The Mafia King 1by 𝓶.𝓬 ♡
M a r c u s K i n g is the most feared mafia leader in the world. He is powerful, arrogant, cold hearted, rich and mouthwatering-ly handsome. Not to mention, he is ver...
Caged wife of BEAST ' s  by SureshGupta3
Caged wife of BEAST ' s by Suresh Gupta
The Mafia twins were extremely close .... They decided to share everything .... Everything even their future wife They were ... Vansh Rai Singhania and Vihaan Rai Singh...
Already Claimed. by annekeyho
Already Sezolu Keyho
Monster is just an understatement in describing him. He was born to claim the Mafia World and to start a new bloodline. He was the definition of Heartless. And the beast...
Destined For the King by CHIXAAA_
Destined For the Kingby CHIXAAA_
"Time is up, I AM CLAIMING WHAT IS MINE!" His voiced shattered throughout the entire tower. He has found me and claiming what is his; me. "Sire please, sh...
Mafia king//Taehyung FF//Completed by TWICEwithONCE9
Mafia king//Taehyung FF//Completedby the Drama of Shampoo
~Completed~ It's shit, and it's the first ff I have ever written and I legit started writing it at 3 am bc I couldn't sleep. "look at me, kitten" "you wil...
Married To The Mafia King by Xxsavage_surfer
Married To The Mafia Kingby Just M
Growing up,Sophia Kingsman was labeled fat and ugly nerd and a mistake in her family dew to her appearance and her lack in beauty complexions and her lady like manners t...
The Mafia King ✔ by MarieCurie023
The Mafia King ✔by Mariecurie023
[Completed novella: Imperial Monarchy- starting from chapter 63 where the mafia king ended.] This story needs heavy editing, read at your own risk! ...
-Sold to the Mafia King | JinKook  by Jeon-Her_Jams121
-Sold to the Mafia King | JinKook by 전SeokJin
"This is too big for me" Seokjin said while eyeing the underwear under his touch. --- "Are you saying that my dick is too big? " Jungkook said while...
The Mafia Assassin by cocoJazzz
The Mafia Assassinby Jasmine Merdez
Valeria Frye is a 24 year old assassin who is amazing at what she does. She has never failed a mission, and did I mention she the just might be the baddest bitch ever...
As The World Falls Down by RosaRosa177
As The World Falls Downby DRAMATIC BITCH
Nadia Jones . Kind . Caring . Thoughtful . Strong . Warm hearted Lorenzo Romano . Rude . Selfish . Arrogant . Cruel . Cold hearted What happens when Nadia's father mak...
Mafia's Girl by WolfyGurl16
Mafia's Girlby luna.rose
Jezzabelle~ A small innocent girl who works at a nursery whenever she can to pay for her food and clothing. Her parents live in a small house and are rarely home and are...
Devil's Love by el8021
Devil's Loveby El.. 76eeh
Ian smith A ruthless billionaire, caring for no one but his dead heart begans to beat again when he falls in love with Flora. Flora Charlice An innocent yet fierce gir...
Trapped in Their Obsession by Avanthi04
Trapped in Their Obsessionby Ava
A Dangerous Mafia kings cold as ice. A Caring and kind hearted Girl but if she gets angry no one can control her. She loves kids and animals very much. She is also very...
The Tiger by rockinguls088
The Tigerby rockinguls088
"He is a cat in the dark. And then he is the dark." He was ruthless, cold-hearted, an animal until his tigress tamed the fierce tiger. Sarah is a quiet but fie...
Second Chance To Love - Ishq Mein Marjawan by vora1978
Second Chance To Love - Ishq krisha vora
Story starts with the day of makarsankranti when ridhima left vansh Ridhima- you and your family don't deserve me vansh I know you want me to stay back but your bloody e...