Alpha Blake by CourageousReader
Alpha Blakeby E
Alpha Blake has came to the age of twenty and is still in search of his mate. Only when his seventeen year old mate is accused of being a rogue, they finally meet. With...
  • forest
  • cave
  • pack
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cassie//{m.c.c.} by CalumDownMitch
cassie//{m.c.c.}by mipple
  • chaseatlantic
  • suicide
  • mitchelcave
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Ashes ~ (a TenRose Fanfiction) by ellainthetardis
Ashes ~ (a TenRose Fanfiction)by Ella:)
Stranded on a lonely island, the Doctor and Rose have little resources to last until help arrives. Cold, hungry, and upset, they must pull through together to get throug...
  • fanfiction
  • tenrose
  • ship
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Spitfire One-Shots by The-English-Idiot
Spitfire One-Shotsby 👑
A bunch of one shots that I've come up with. Some are gonna be serious whilst others are gonna be funny. PS:they may be a bit cliche PSS:There may be a bit of swearing...
  • superboy
  • romance
  • youngjustice
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Dragon Quest: The Beginning by TheMagicalStar
Dragon Quest: The Beginningby Caleb DeLaRoche`
The dragon village of crystal elements, engulfed in flames. A young dragon named Mia decides to find out who, why and how. After meeting a quirky acquaintance, the stran...
  • cave
  • village
  • adventure
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Aperture Science Chatroom by Greywolf_III
Aperture Science Chatroomby Greywolf_III
In the Aperture Science facility, all the characters need something to do in their spare time. So why don't they converse in a Aperture Science Long-Range Conversational...
  • cave
  • chell
  • cavejohnson
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Red by Izzy_Way
Redby Izzy Way
Once upon a time, there was a village ruled by complete chaos, fear and death. The people who lived there suffered daily, living in fear from the threat of the forest. W...
  • hunter
  • human
  • boyxman
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La Caveby @Apple
Je n'aurais jamais du ouvrir cette porte, et encore moins provoquer ceux qui s'y trouvent. On ne doit jamais jouer avec la peur ou les esprits. Ca nous couterais chers...
  • esprits
  • spiritisme
  • horreur
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NOUR: il est mon mari mais mon pire cauchemar by maeva0404
NOUR: il est mon mari mais mon maeva0404
il me fait peur, il me terrorise,me viole,me frappe, me rabaisse,et me torture se IL c'est mon mari oui je c'est on devrait vivre un belle histoir mais non ce n'est pas...
  • esclave
  • cave
  • viole
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Ozone // Clinton Cave by chaseatlantictrash
Ozone // Clinton Caveby El & Alicia
"She saw the good in all his bad, and he loved with all he had, because that's what broken people tend to"
  • christiananthony
  • cave
  • clinton
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 Love💓💓 A Fairytale👸👸 by eyenee01
Love💓💓 A Fairytale👸👸by eyenee01
Love a word so small but with deep meaning let's see what love causes to HAISLEY and Kyle will they get love or will be separated for love will the villain lose or the l...
  • queen
  • love
  • fiction
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High tide // R.Black by lavandersoap
High tide // R.Blackby lavandersoap
Regulus Black was remembered as a villain by many, a hero by few. Some did not even know his name. But he was thought to be dead by all. And they were wrong. Plot by @...
  • regulusblack
  • battleofhogwarts
  • harrypotter
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Merman's Seeds (Bk 2) by DisciplesofLove
Merman's Seeds (Bk 2)by Silver Luve
Heart doesn't have a clue about the real truths that her husband, Cillian Lupin, has been hiding from her. She doesn't trust him but she wants him to think that she does...
  • king
  • love
  • mer
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La cave - niveau -3 by WPAcademy
La cave - niveau -3by Wattpad Academy
Ici, vous pourrez retrouver tous les anciens textes de la #Wacademy à partir du n°381. Les commentaires y seront aussi. Et du coup, vous pourrez trouver l'auteur e...
  • conseils
  • critiques
  • académie
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Flower shop (Clinton Cave X Reader) by palaye_in_veil
Flower shop (Clinton Cave X Reader)by ._.
You're at your friends wedding and pair up with someone. What happens when you fall in love with that person?
  • christian
  • clinton
  • love
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The Secret Cats by Emmalovecake
The Secret Catsby Emma.Hands
We all know cats, either pets or wild cats. However in the forest green leaf there are Secret Cats that no one knows are there. Elvis, Tammy and Gizmo must find a way t...
  • cats
  • winter
  • catnamedelvis
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Human and Merman: love story by Snowsetgirl
Human and Merman: love storyby Snowsetgirl
Charlotte was a young woman in her early 20's. She had normal life in the city of Miami, on day at her work her closest friends surprised her with a luxury cruise for 2...
  • lovestory
  • cave
  • romance
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Making Out in The Sad Cave by IngrownFaun76
Making Out in The Sad Caveby Ghost_Queen329
A story about a couple of friends who throw a party in a garage that's called The Sad Cave. Why is it called The Sad Cave? Well there's only one string of lights and a s...
  • party
  • garageparty
  • tacobell
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My Life In Minecraft by Sion4JC
My Life In Minecraftby Sion4JC
Steve is a guy who just wants to be cool. However, Zombies, Skeletons and Creepers prevent him from getting his diamonds and emeralds. Will he get his ores? Or will he e...
  • creepers
  • coal
  • gravel
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Stranded Tides (EDITING) by Dumbnerdz4lyf
Stranded Tides (EDITING)by C.D.E. Natividad
"Survive...Or you will never be home." Sam and her friends rides a large ship with several others to join the Camwell Sports Festival on another country. When...
  • adventure
  • cave
  • wand
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