Tobias's sister by blover99
Tobias's sisterby Megan
Rosemary Eaton thought that the hardest challenge she would ever have to face was living with her abusive father, Marcus Eaton. She thought that she could transfer to Da...
  • eric
  • tobias
  • divergent
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Ordinary Acts of Bravery (An Eric Fan Fiction)  by CiljeBilje
Ordinary Acts of Bravery (An CiljeBilje
"There will always be that one person in your life that you can't walk away from, even if you know you have to." Feeling like you've never belonged is not what...
  • eric
  • death
  • initiates
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Seven Sins- Divergent/Eric fanfic Book1-2 by Lokimakerofmischief
Seven Sins- Divergent/Eric Asgardian_Slytherin
#1- Divergent (09/07/2018) #2- Divergent (25/06/2018) Prue, a Candor transfer, enters Dauntless in the most disappointing way possible, she's the last jumper. However sh...
  • initiates
  • dauntless
  • ericcoulter
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The Spy in the School by Kaywatt123
The Spy in the Schoolby Kaytie
Destiny Andrews is a pathetic girl. She is shy, lonely, and has no friends. Zach's mission is to collect as much information on this girl as possible. Nothing else. But...
  • castle
  • quiet
  • lonely
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Welcome to Permbenton by booksiebooksie
Welcome to Permbentonby Nepsa Rae
Theodore Harrison has always been too smart for his own good, excelling in school, making good friends and spending time with his family. Theo finally has to make a deci...
  • welcometopermbenton
  • teen
  • gay
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Crossroads (Completed) by Wanderer1122
Crossroads (Completed)by Wanderer1122
"You make me want to do things to you." He mumbles, his brown eyes never straying from mine. "W-What?" I stutter nervously yet at the excact same mo...
  • badboys
  • popular
  • loss
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Indomitable ~ Peter Hayes by NeverGonnaGiveFoodUp
Indomitable ~ Peter Hayesby HangryAsHale
Indomitable - adjective - 'Impossible to subdue or defeat' I was only 14 when Tobias left. Now I'm 16 and doing the same. This is my story
  • candor
  • transfer
  • tobias
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Transfer Student - A Taekook Fanfiction (Book 1) by SakuraFlowah
Transfer Student - A Taekook Jìng
Jungkook transfers to BigHit high for personal reasons, Everything seemed fine at first until he met his bully... Taehyung..
  • transfer
  • bl
  • bully
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IGNORED.  "That's what mobs are" by ALYK_UPNA
IGNORED. "That's what mobs are"by Wifi deprived
I was thrown into a world where things were like olden days, with castles and princesses and knights. Put into the body of the kingdom's rarely seen princess, I was forc...
  • notmaincharacter
  • reincarnation
  • kingdoms
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I Kissed Mr President Season 1(Completed)Season 2 (On Going) by Jhaden_blue2
I Kissed Mr President Season 1( Mairah Mamarinta
Season 1 (Completed) season 2 (On going) "The best kiss is the one that has been exchange a thousand This is not a happy ending story Hindi rin naging sila pero na...
  • sunflaresph
  • series1
  • newstory
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You'll Be Mine-Yuno Gasai X Male!Reader by Pillowdoggie
You'll Be Mine-Yuno Gasai X Male! Pillow
You, a 17-year-old guy just moved from Tokyo to Sakurami. You have to transfer schools. While at school, you reunite with your old childhood friend. She's as nice as you...
  • yandere
  • yuno
  • reader
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D E V I A T I O N  //  A Divergent / Eric Fanfiction by LouEase
D E V I A T I O N // A LouEase
What happens when a ruthless Dauntless leader takes an interest in the rebellious Candor transfer? Will she manage to change his ways, or will it all come crumbling down?
  • amity
  • leader
  • candor
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The New Girl by blasiandollie
The New Girlby naija
Naomi Jones is your typical 17 year old girl who is a junior at Jefferson Senior High School. She is a shy girl with ambition and has two amazing best friends Brianna Pe...
  • teenfiction
  • bestfriends
  • newgirl
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Give Your Heart A Break [Neymar] by Jayme112234
Give Your Heart A Break [Neymar]by Jayme112234
After dating her boyfriend for three years, the last thing that Valeria Coloma expected him to do was announce that he's moving to France on the night of their anniversa...
  • psg
  • paris
  • love
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Secretly Admired by Shannonn001
Secretly Admiredby Shannon_Lynnette11
Blaine has watched Kurt walk through the halls of school everyday since he transferred to McKinley high school. Being the new kid and not knowing which social group he b...
  • warblers
  • anderson
  • wes
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Waifu Wars: A Food Wars Fanfic by FanFicDiction
Waifu Wars: A Food Wars Fanficby Tdub
When a new transfer student arrives at Totsuki, he has all of the ladies falling head over heels! Er, head over non-slip, kitchen-safe footwear? Armed with charm, an Ame...
  • culinary
  • lunch
  • foodwars
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Never leave me(Cristiano Ronaldo) by Love_tunes
Never leave me(Cristiano Ronaldo)by Abhip Stark
Never Leave Me(Cristiano Ronaldo x Reader) "(y/n), I'm moving to the Juventus." "Oh..." Her eyes fell on their interlinked hands. Would he really lea...
  • sergioxreader
  • realmadrid
  • lovetriangle
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Forever My Noona | JJK [hiatus] by pjmicr_
Forever My Noona | JJK [hiatus]by 채린이🎈
The eight year old met her in the same VIP ward out of coincidence, but he doesn't know her name. She wouldn't tell him. They became great friends over the span of two...
  • yoongi
  • kookie
  • taehyung
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lovely. by alrightyaphrodIte-
#19 ミˣ˟
sweets to the sweet. ( oc x luna lovegood ) ( oc x pansy parkinson ) ( oc x blaise zabini ) ( order of the phoenix - deathly hallows )  alrightaprodIte- | 2018
  • orderofthephoenix
  • death
  • snape
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Cute little bunny/ON HOLD by Kookie286
Cute little bunny/ON HOLDby Army_void
Jungkook X BTS were Jung kook is in the most famous high school in Seoul bang tang high school. There are 6 most popular men who co e from a wealthy and rich family A...
  • bts
  • transfer
  • fluff
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