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Noir lovers (cat noir x male reader) by ani_eva
Noir lovers (cat noir x male reade...by ani_eva
This is a gay love story if you don't like this type of story then don't read it! And btw. The story will be moving along really slow. So if you want Luke to get to the...
Destined  by Daniileeann19
Destined by Danii LeeAnn Riepma
The Northside perfect girl next door. The Southside Serpent King. What could go wrong? 🖤 Ranked #1 in Bug~ January 30, 2019🖤 💜 Ranked #1 in Head~ February 6, 2019💜...
Always, Marinette • adrienette au by evertea
Always, Marinette • adrienette auby mari
A dead girl's diary leaves a boy in pieces. Translations: Czech- @SabikM
Fake Smile! by Readingcount
Fake Smile!by Readingcount
WARNING:This contains sensitive topics, such as: depression, suicidal kind of stuff, some blood and maybe others. Marinette used to be a happy girl and nothing could br...
Adrienette Adulthood by WriteMangolicious
Adrienette Adulthoodby Kittie Nakahara
Adrien and Mari are finally together, this story is about their relationship and includes babies, drama and Adreinette! Hope you all enjoy.
Cat Noir x reader by SerenaConch
Cat Noir x readerby Black Pearl Art
(Y/N) is a transfer student from America. After being saved time and time again by Cat Noir, she will get the chance to get close when she is gifted her own miraculous.
welcome home •• Miraculous Ladybug AU by miraculousblogg
welcome home •• Miraculous Ladybug...by Miraculous Blog
~• Tried to kill it with silence But the silence didn't take •~ •Miraculous Ladybug AU• •• Marinette disappeared during freshman year, nobody knowing where she went, nob...
Cursed stories by Lebork360
Cursed storiesby OOF OoF
idek what to do anymore so I'm just gonna write cursed stories here when I'm bored
Lost Miraculous by Thedarkchatnoir
Lost Miraculousby Hazel Harvey
Hawkmoth has hatched a new plan to steal the miraculouses and unfortunately it works. How is Marinette going to sort this one out?
To Fill the Void by Botanphal
To Fill the Voidby Palin
Lace searched far and wide for the desolate kingdom of Hallownest with one goal; to find her former rival Hornet. She does indeed come across her once nemesis, but not i...
Her Kitty by celeste_pluvieux
Her Kittyby 🌙 c e l e s t e ☄️
Evil from the past bleeds into the present, causing abnormal things to happen with the Miraculous. Secrets are revealed, both good and bad. Will our heroes stick togethe...
The secret life of Princess Marinette by Marichat2876
The secret life of Princess Marine...by Bi-derman
DISCONTINUED With everything going on in Marinette's life, her reputation, Adrien, Ladybug. She can't show people she's braking on the inside. Especially since she's bei...
The Player Bet by Naooomi_
The Player Betby Naomi
"When his lips met mine it was like a fire burning inside me was finally let out. I had experienced many of his kisses before, yet none were filled with so much pas...
Bad Kitty ~ Miraculous Ladybug by xxFoxyGoesRawrxx
Bad Kitty ~ Miraculous Ladybugby ~Foxy
Ladybug and Chat Noir have defended Paris against Hawkmoth for as long as anyone can remember, but what happens when the pair struggle with their feelings for one anothe...
Adrien/Chat Noir X Reader Imagines DISCONTINUED by Smol-ish_Writer
Adrien/Chat Noir X Reader Imagines...by Maggy
A book of X reader imagines (Basically one-shots mate) for the beautiful Adrien Agreste. And Chat Noir, of course. That sexy bitch deserves the world. No lemons. Only f...
Yugioh Snuggle Bug (Yugioh x Reader) by Yugo_Banana
Yugioh Snuggle Bug (Yugioh x Reade...by Sora_Shiun'in
GX, 5D's, Original, Arc V, and possibly Zexal Mixture of characters
Cat Noir x Reader by ladybug102402
Cat Noir x Readerby ladybug102402
When a new girl moves to Paris with a miraculous of her own how will she get along with Ladybug and Cat Noir? Disclaimer I do not own Ladybug, Cat Noir, or the cover pic...
Werks, Queens, and Other Dangerous Things √ Complete by KathaOwens
Werks, Queens, and Other Dangerous...by Katharine Owens
LIfe is hard enough without being attacked by giant metal insects. It's 1897 and the kingdom of the Netherlands is being threatened by attacks from clockwerks of destruc...
Culicidae (Yandere Vampire x Reader) by Skele-babe
Culicidae (Yandere Vampire x Reade...by Skele
After a virus wipes out and turns most of humanity into blood sucking freaks (Name) has found it hard to survive. She's been lucky so far, but she knows times wearing th...
Comme Un - Ladrien fan fiction by ShailenJ
Comme Un - Ladrien fan fictionby Shailen Josephine
After an Akuma attack on the teen model, Adrien Agreste, Ladybug starts to visit him on her nightly patrols. After a while all seems perfect in their lives but what happ...
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