Just can't Help It (Boyxboy)

Just can't Help It (Boyxboy)

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Johnson By JordanXJohnson Completed

| • | • | What's life without drama | • | • | 

                How could you know love without 
                         experiencing heartache.

   | • | Your pride can be your biggest downfall | • | 

          Everything isn't always picture-perfect, 
                     In fact most things  comes 
                           with a hefty Sacrifice. 

      In the wise words of my great-Grandmother 

    •  "Live for yourself son, and not for others".  •

I must say it took me a while to break that phrase down. Having to learn the true meaning of what 
L O V E  really is (isn't always so lovely) , H A T E , hmm (Hate is a strong word), ever heard that phrase before? I believe we've all have. Understanding the meaning of a true lover, a bestfriend, a counselor. Growth, bounding, a journey. I welcome you into my life, brace yourself this ride won't be smooth ! But it was damn sure worth it.   

*Stands tall, adjust mic. Clears throat. "Hello everyone, I'm Jordan X Johnson and this is my Truth" 

                 * Real life events, My Truth *

Dine_Writes Dine_Writes Jun 23
Damn you throwing up when you could be kissing him omg hopeless
On my soul that happened to me yesterday. I told ole dude to give me his phone and he was like naww shawty give me yo phone and I was like damn papi okay
lammelove lammelove Jun 03
I like this guy for 4 years in high school he only talk to me three time😓😰😢😥😥
Adwoah__ Adwoah__ Apr 21
I do that the dance teacher will yell possè i will stand there and be like miss i forgot
SirJulian96 SirJulian96 Apr 14
Oh okay your sloppy seconds hooking up with each other what a sloppy situation
patriciayd patriciayd Feb 13
It's too late nugga, you tried to pop my cherry. Your taking the responsibility, ain't no breaking up