Just can't Help It; The choice I made. (Boyxboy)

Just can't Help It; The choice I made. (Boyxboy)

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Johnson By JordanXJohnson Completed

| • | • | What's life without drama | • | • | 

                How could you know love without 
                         experiencing heartache.

   | • | Your pride can be your biggest downfall | • | 

          Everything isn't always picture-perfect, 
                     In fact most things  comes 
                           with a hefty Sacrifice. 

      In the wise words of my great-Grandmother 

    •  "Live for yourself son, and not for others".  •

I must say it took me a while to break that phrase down. Having to learn the true meaning of what 
L O V E  really is (isn't always so lovely) , H A T E , hmm (Hate is a strong word), ever heard that phrase before? I believe we've all have. Understanding the meaning of a true lover, a bestfriend, a counselor. Growth, bounding, a journey. I welcome you into my life, brace yourself this ride won't be smooth ! But it was damn sure worth it.   

*Stands tall, adjust mic. Clears throat. "Hello everyone, I'm Jordan X Johnson and this is my Truth" 

                 * Based off real life events *

-KaVeerrrr- -KaVeerrrr- Jul 31
Sometimes it be like that... But... Only Sometimes.... Lmao. Sometimes they're in the same predicament you seem to be in trouble this point.
J Cole is J Cole I can listen to his whole album and not get tired of listening to it
__gvldie __gvldie Oct 20
I'm laughing cause he calling this boy nigga while they getting freaky 😭😭😭
Jlife1 Jlife1 Jun 30
I understood everything ...I feel like Chris doesn't want to hurt Jordan because If he confesses his love for him to everyone he feels like he's going to lose everything and everyone
ewwking ewwking Apr 07
I know that's right . Lol . this is literally my second time reading this book bro😭
Jlife1 Jlife1 Jun 30
Damn ....Jordan just be having sex with all his friends wtf lmfao