Riddle me this, Riddle me Kat! *Watty Awards 2012 Completed*

Riddle me this, Riddle me Kat! *Watty Awards 2012 Completed*

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Katrina LeBeau By SpeakNoEvil Completed

Katrina was born and raised in Louisiana until the age of five when her parents were brutally murdered and attempted her death as well. She was taken in by her apparent godfather, Bruce Wayne.

Katrina is sixteen and not your average teen. She and her friends have a fascination with the  villains of Gotham and she herself is invited to go job shadowing at Arkham Asylum when things go horribly wrong.

Bruce and Richard have tried all their lives to keep Katrina happy and keep Batman and Robin a secret from her. Her strange attraction to Gotham's crime worries them and they soon realize they'll have to make a choice that could potentially cause her to hate them forever.

Joker and Riddler, along with every other villain in Gotham, take a liking to Katrina when she visits Arkham on that fateful day. Will there be a war between the notorious criminals as to who can keep her as their own?

  • alfred
  • arkham
  • batman
  • catwoman
  • clayface
  • eddie
  • gordon
  • gotham
  • harley
  • harvey
  • hush
  • ivy
  • joker
  • nightwing
  • riddler
  • robin
  • scarecrow
  • zsasz
Alixeryx Alixeryx Oct 12, 2016
This is gonna be like a xreader for me, oh my. (My real name is Katrina lmao)
TheBestNightWing TheBestNightWing Aug 10, 2015
Joker is a psychopath, he never finds affection in anyone, not even Harley. I would totally believe Riddler would go after Ivy, tho. And by every villain do u mean the sirens too?
Bookworm-_ Bookworm-_ Jul 16, 2013
This is my second time reading this book, and it is still just as amazing as the first time I read it! :D
SpeakNoEvil SpeakNoEvil Mar 16, 2013
@koschei_saxon Thank you so very much =) I'm thoroughly happy that I've done something that can keep people entertained and interested! Thank you for sticking with me and continuing on with me!
SpeakNoEvil SpeakNoEvil Dec 31, 2012
@asiangirl13 Thank you very much! I must warn you though, it's older and i do believe it's got some gramatic and spelling errors, but please just try to get through as much as you can! I promise it's worth it!
asiangirl13 asiangirl13 Dec 31, 2012
The cover is really creative! I like it! This intro  is really good! It gives a good little preview to the story coming up! Can't wait to read more! VOTED