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BLINDFOLD SECRETS || Jungkook × Reader by jikookie17
BLINDFOLD SECRETS || Jungkook × Angel
  • criminal
  • btsscenarios
  • badboy
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THE CONTRACT ✔ by Deelah_Idris
THE CONTRACT ✔by Deelah Idris ✔
{COMPLETED} Amaya Watson is not your everyday girl, she's different, strong and beautiful. She takes the responsibilities of both a mother and sister. Life becomes tough...
  • chicklit
  • rising
  • wattys2018
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Hush, Hush | ❗️ by shadow_pupx
Hush, Hush | ❗️by -egreya.exe
A simple game called the quiet game. If you lose, you're captive forever. If you win, you'll get what you desire. *** "Hush, hush now. Can you keep quiet, precious...
  • hushhush
  • hush
  • quiet
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HUSH (Completed)  by warriorprincess220
A very mysterious story that has many clues and treasures. PROPERTY OF WARRIORPRINCESS220
  • comment
  • english
  • longstory
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Falling || Scarecrow  by PurpleInsanity
Falling || Scarecrow by Ms. Lovett
Falling is about Maria's journey of courage, love, and fear as a woman haunted by her past slowly falls for Jonathan Crane. Which leads her to a life of crime, the Batma...
  • arkham
  • scarecrow
  • lock-up
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smash or pass - voltron by antisepticeye__
smash or pass - voltronby Anti
voltron smash or pass......
  • lovely
  • hush
  • pass
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Snuff. by NonchalantNightmare
#7 NonchalantNightmare
Having captured his newest victim in the noise proof confinements of his hiding place, the second main character of the book, Mr.Handsome, is able to master his craft: m...
  • amputation
  • secondbook
  • horror
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Going Up Against Boy Wonder*Batman Fanfic*COMPLETED! by CasualSuperwoman
Going Up Against Boy Wonder* CasualSuperwoman
It's weird, being the daughter of a mass criminal. Having your own cell ready and waiting for you in the Asylum and everyone tiptoeing around you because they all think...
  • fic
  • fan
  • batman
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Finale: Carta pérdida de Patch a Nora by nixlljh
Finale: Carta pérdida de Patch a ☾njh☽
Pero si la elección que tengo que tomar, se reduce a elegir entre tú y yo, te escojo a ti. Siempre te he escogido. Con todo mi amor, Patch.
  • patch
  • random
  • hushhush
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Obsession.... by ClassyElegance
#10 ClassyElegance
Zara is obsessed with her classmate luca She does everything in her just to get his one look She can't fathom any girl near him How will the once sweet shy Zara rise fro...
  • hush
  • dark
  • love
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Hush (WATTYS 2017) by DefineDope
Hush (WATTYS 2017)by DefineDope
Ariana Blacksworth was taken at the age of fifteen. Her kidnapers, hunters, kept her under so much wolfsbane that she's never shifted. They beat her mercilessly, and use...
  • drama
  • mate
  • mated
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Hush: A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction by louist0227
Hush: A Louis Tomlinson Fanfictionby Makaela
Sammie Conrad is Harry Styles' step sister. What will happen when she goes to visit him for the summer. What felt like a few weeks, turned into something infinite.
  • fanfiction
  • tomlinson
  • hush
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Deep Quotes by mylovelysquad
Deep Quotesby Mylovelysquad🌹💗
Every day a new quote!! I have a second book that's based on motivation.
  • divergent
  • hush
  • fire
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Like a lullaby  by _popscicle_
Like a lullaby by _popscicle_
Maybe if I closed my eyes I could have my friend back. He handed me the pen and in my best hand writing I wrote, Lillian. "But baby. What if she hurts you?" ...
  • cry
  • youtube
  • little
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Hush, Hush Quotes by heybails
Hush, Hush Quotesby heybails
A bunch if quotes from Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush series. So far it is mostly just Patch right now, there will be some Nora soon.
  • patch
  • hush
  • nora
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Leather And Lace (Clexa 1960's AU) by LittleLesbianStories
Leather And Lace (Clexa 1960's AU)by Lesbian Stories
Mini skirts and bikers. Clarke meets a beautiful green eyed biker, named Lexa, while working as a waitress at her familie's diner, Baby's Diner. Does this time period fo...
  • lgbtq
  • âu
  • alternateuniverse
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Hush Hush & Deception: Stolen by amandaqueenie
Hush Hush & Deception: Stolenby Amanda K
In a world torn apart by war, hatred, and evil one team of rebellious spies fights for freedom. Freedom is no easy goal to obtain, however, as they have to fight against...
  • special
  • love
  • deception
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Poetry Collection  by Ghostly_Unic
Poetry Collection by Kayleigh Moockrof
A writing collection of all the poems i have written. Some are deep and some are whack, so please sit back and enjoy. Feel free to comment and give feedback. The things...
  • barbie
  • lovesick
  • realization
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Centex HISTORY by ShaniaGrace186
Centex HISTORYby Shania Grace
"Lahat ng mangyayari ngayon ,mangyayari uli pero iba lang ang style" sabi ni Lola Shania sa akin bago nya ako iwan na naka nganga sa mga kinwento nya sa akin n...
  • classmate
  • setmefree
  • betrayal
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The Fallen One | Ongoing by Tisha_WDW
The Fallen One | Ongoingby Tisha
Rebecca Maxwell is your typical teenage girl, but her life changes drastically when Donovan Black is introduced to her. Donovan is a Fallen Angel. Rebecca is a Human. Wi...
  • hush
  • 14
  • mature
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