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Help Me, Mr Batman

Help Me, Mr Batman

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CJ By ICanIWill Completed

Bruce gets a wake up call when Alfred 'accidently' signs him up for foster care. Now Bruce must take care of a teenage girl named Kayne, while still saving the night as Batman. Problem is, Kayne has alot of bloody secrets. Her dark past clearly shows on her ugly skin. Those scars are the very thing that catches The Joker's murderous eye. Now with the help of the famous Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and some extra villianous partners, The Joker will take what is rightfully his...

Can Batman save her,
or Will Kayne just have to save herself?

**Warning: Brief Surgery Scene, Murder, mentions of Rape, Torture, and Child Abuse**

Read my book called "Batman and I" please and thank you. Feedback would be more than appreciated.
hard_to_b hard_to_b Jan 21
Wait, I'd this Harley's daughter? I know the Joker killed their son but this is already getting so good I need to know
Omg 😱 That's horrible! *Extends arms* Come to me child ill take care of you.
Really? I feel like if I was hit in the head with cement, I would either dead, unconscious, or have a really bad migraine.
Kasynda0423 Kasynda0423 Jan 28
I have lots of scars, but the most noticeable one is from my left temple to almost my chin... moronic dad decided to drink and drive with a 4 year old daughter in the front seat... but I'm alive and he is in the pen.
create13 create13 Jan 22
This is a wounderfuly put together section.. Indeed a very detailed car ride.