Help Me, Mr Batman

Help Me, Mr Batman

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CJ By ICanIWill Completed

Bruce gets a wake up call when Alfred 'accidently' signs him up for foster care. Now Bruce must take care of a teenage girl named Kayne, while still saving the night as Batman. Problem is, Kayne has alot of bloody secrets. Her dark past clearly shows on her ugly skin. Those scars are the very thing that catches The Joker's murderous eye. Now with the help of the famous Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and some extra villianous partners, The Joker will take what is rightfully his...

Can Batman save her,
or Will Kayne just have to save herself?

**Warning: Brief Surgery Scene, Murder, mentions of Rape, Torture, and Child Abuse**

marygbright marygbright Dec 11, 2016
I have a scar from when I jumped in tribes of a truck and a stick stabbed my leg at my friends birthday party
Omg 😱 That's horrible! *Extends arms* Come to me child ill take care of you.
Acid_Lilac Acid_Lilac Dec 20, 2016
First I think her name is Kanye, then I see the word north and now I realize I have issues
Question_Leprechaun Question_Leprechaun Dec 28, 2016
Omg I read psychology books, sociology books, and all of that stuff. I also study graphology and have figured out to interpret ink blots
bigpizzalover18 bigpizzalover18 Dec 24, 2016
I have one on my forehead. I think it's ugly. But, the story makes me sound stupid. I was playing in the garage when I fell and hit my head. My mom rushed me into the ER but, they couldn't do anything. It's pretty deep too. I feel so stupid, bug I was only like three or two.
LynaGriffin LynaGriffin Dec 15, 2016
Same. I'm that girl who you would call... hmm... Mysterious, weird, insane, emo, four eyes (I have glasses) (They are black XD), nerd, freak, cool-Ish, stuff like that. I'm in 5th grade (Skipped 4th) DONT REPORT MEHHHH