Nobody ➝ Vhope

Nobody ➝ Vhope

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Where Hoseok has suffered a lot in his home town and has ran away to run away from the pain, suffering and his once best friend - Kim Taehyung. 

What happens if they meet again but Hoseok doesn't remember him or anything about his hometown?

  ❝ Y-you really don't remember me? ❞ -

  ❝ Should I? ❞ - J.hs

Side pairing: Junghope/Sugakookie

#1 in Selena Gomez Songs Series

WARNING: 18+ has violence, abuse, homophobic language, trigger warnings etc.

Top!Jungkook Bottom!Hoseok

Top!Taehyung Bottom!Hoseok

Started: 03/09/16
Ended: 26/03/17

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agce101 agce101 Aug 28
I wamma try running away but crazy people can be everywhere so nah
                              Okay but if my 12 year olds did that I would probably be angry too but never abuse,hellnah!
anathemaaa anathemaaa Aug 02
Why does hoseok always have to have a broken home in vhope fics
MVP_SAMii MVP_SAMii 6 days ago
BISH WTF tell me you're doing this to indirectly protect him, BUT STILL WTF
MVP_SAMii MVP_SAMii 6 days ago
💔 it's breaking my heart my sunshine better have something good in the end of this ff
agce101 agce101 Aug 28
Okay the description of this story where hobi doesn't remember him makes me feel at peace