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SNAPCHAT. (vhope) by _taeamo
SNAPCHAT. (vhope)by — 嫌い
in which hoseok goes to text his best friend on snap chat but ends up texting someone completely different. highest ranking; #2 in taeseok ♡
MEME. ❪ KTH + JHS ❫ by tentaeils
MEME. ❪ KTH + JHS ❫by ☾
"KIM TAEHYUNG, WE'RE ON CAMERA!" ⓒ tentaeils | completed [ kim taehyung, jung hoseok. ]
Vhope Smuts & Fluff by POPPETKNJ
Vhope Smuts & Fluffby ~alias
Just some Vhope Smuts and Fluff. They switch. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY MEDIA IN ANY OF MY BOOKS. I take requests ~alias
Vhope/sope/hopekook by AzraDUchiha
Vhope/sope/hopekookby Azra D Uchiha
one shots.... Taeseok yoonseok junghope #213- Taeseok #301- hobi
Mine To Yours || VHope by hobiiilove1518
Mine To Yours || VHopeby hobiiilove1518
"Clean it, Right Now!" Taehyung growled making the younger flinch in fear. Hoseok's lips quivered as he held back his tears. He bent down and wiped her heels i...
My Apprentice Lad by tulipeon
My Apprentice Ladby Faelynn
The Truth Untold // taejinkook by taejinkookie_
The Truth Untold // taejinkookby ~
In which Taehyung cheats on Jin who cheats with Jungkook.
vhope smut - one shots  by cravingsmut
vhope smut - one shots by Taesboxers
just vhope smut for those vhope fans WARNING SMUT random one shots with v-hope/taeseok Switching doms and subs -STILL EDITING- You don't have to read them in order ^_^
Loving a Vampire (Vope) *Done!* ✅ by Vone_Vi
Loving a Vampire (Vope) *Done!* ✅by Yona
TaeHyung is a newly college student that's been having dreams about someone that he doesn't know. What Tae doesn't know is that he was dreaming about a vampire. And to t...
My Vampire Kidnapper (Vkook) by VkookYasss
My Vampire Kidnapper (Vkook)by Alone
Taehyung has gone missing. His kidnapper isn't human. Will be survive this monsters torcher? Or even worse ..... Will he fall for him?
lie //yoonmin by fairychengie
lie //yoonminby V
Park Jimin, who recently got out of an abusive relationship, doesn't believe the love he reads about is real. That is until a familiar looking boy makes his way into hi...
Nymphomaniac -Vhope-  by skyforjhs
Nymphomaniac -Vhope- by gika
[ SHORT FIC ] 🔞 Hoseok precisa saciar sua vontade de sexo, e nada melhor do que fazer isso com Kim Taehyung, um garoto que sabia o levar a loucura. postada: 13/01/2021...
jhs ships shitposts by vertigosamu
jhs ships shitpostsby !
just a collection of hobi ships one shots and drabbles because he deserves more love Most of these are based on songs since I'm unoriginal. also mostly angst since i can...
I'm your spring blossom 🌼🌸 | Vhope fanfiction  by Bubblyhops
I'm your spring blossom 🌼🌸 | Vho...by Sweetie
" I think I won't experience spring ever in my life." "trust me. I'll show you what it looks like." "how?" " I'll be your spring bloss...
❛ REGRET ❜ by tulipeon
❛ REGRET ❜by Faelynn
"နောင်တ" ဆိုတဲ့ ဝေါဟာရလေးက ကျွန်တော့်အတွက် ထင်ပါရဲ့ဗျာ
Deep Red by vhopelover4ever
Deep Redby vhope_lover
t: your hair is red like blood, I'm going to keep you alive I'll come back for you h: why are you doing this to me t: because I'm obsessed with you h: I shouldn't have h...
Daddy's Little Girl × Namjin by BaeBaddie
Daddy's Little Girl × Namjinby terrible writer
"I need a gangsta, to love me better than all the others do" Kim Namjoon is a rich well-known drug KingPin in Seoul, South Korea, many people fear him as well...
You're Mine • VHOPE ✔ by fluffyhopie
You're Mine • VHOPE ✔by Sam "샘" ✓
"Limits are what I don't have, baby." Jung Hoseok, a high school delinquent kissed Kim Taehyung to shut him up. And that, my friend, marked the beginning of s...
Massage Me|Yoonmin|#WATTYS2017 by Yoonmin321
Massage Me|Yoonmin|#WATTYS2017by Rin(Yoonmin321)
"Can I massage your Jibooty daily?" In which Min Yoongi works at a massage company and falls in love with Park Jimin's jibooty while giving Jimin a Thai massag...