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You're Mine • VHOPE ✔ by fluffyhopie
You're Mine • VHOPE ✔by Sam "샘" ✓
"Limits are what I don't have, baby." Jung Hoseok, a high school delinquent kissed Kim Taehyung to shut him up. And that, my friend, marked the beginning of s...
My Pretty Nemesis ( Jikook Fanfic) ABO by Mehak8900
My Pretty Nemesis ( Jikook Fanfic)...by Sapphire September
The cities overpowered the little tribes, Destroying them taking over them, Killing the people who lived there. But things go wrong when Park Tribe was razed, Pool of Bl...
Stalkers? No, Researchers by beomseong
Stalkers? No, Researchersby Shunnybee
StressDealer: JUNGLEBOOK StressDealer: I NEED UR STALKING KIDS Jungkook: I do not 𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕝𝕜 Jungkook: I r e s e a r c h Jungkook: there is a difference😌
Little omega (vxbts)  by _fluffytaetae
Little omega (vxbts) by Flufftaetae
This story is about a cute, little, fluffy omega who lives with his EXO hyungs. He is loved by his hyungs a lot and they will do anything to protect him and keep him saf...
🖤Empire JI🖤ဧကရီ ဂ်ီ 🌼🦋 [ complete ] by minnora33
🖤Empire JI🖤ဧကရီ ဂ်ီ 🌼🦋 [ compl...by 🦋 Novira_Jeon
"🦋ကိုယ္ တို႔ရဲ႕ ကံၾကမၼာ ကို ျပန္ျပင္ေရးမယ္ဆို ဘာေတြ ဖစ္လာမွာလဲ? ♡💔️🌼 "🦋ကိုယ် တို့ရဲ့ ကံကြမ္မာ ကို ပြန်ပြင်ရေးမယ်ဆို ဘာတွေ ဖစ်လာမှာလဲ? ♡💔️🌼
°Boys in Luv to Boys with Luv.° (k.th X BTS) (VXBTS) by Vantebbyboy
°Boys in Luv to Boys with Luv.° (k...by :)
Boys in Luv turns to Boys with Luv. [COMPLETED] 6 Well known boys is drooling over one person. But they only see him on TV. What happens if they meet? or perhaps- live t...
𝐅𝐋𝐔𝐅𝐅𝐘.by ayato
we need squirrel baby hoseok. Bangtan has him.
Pleasure Doing Business - A VHope Fanfiction by 4Sassqueen
Pleasure Doing Business - A VHope...by Louisbemyqueen
cause VHope needs more love and attention y'all. Let the Flamingo Nation rise! ( Warning: This is a BrotherxBrother. Contains abuse,rape and incest. Read at your own ris...
Leave [Jikook ff] ✅ by mybiasisjimin
Leave [Jikook ff] ✅by mybiasisjimin
I know. I know that I have to back off. I know that I'm not needed anymore. I know that I'm not number one anymore. SUMMARY : Jimin knows that Jungkook's not his anymor...
My young husband  by lovewithstories
My young husband by lovewithstories
Inspired by a Japanese drama "Young Wife" but when I first saw the name I was like wah.. An interesting story. I thought a small girl was married to an aged ma...
Mafia's Troublemaker{vxbts} by IMilkYChocoI
Mafia's Troublemaker{vxbts}by IMilkYChocoI
Taehyung accidentally witnesses a murder and now he is in BTS's Most Wanted List. ... .. . [Bottom:Tae] [Top: BTS] _________________________________________ ENJOYYYYYY...
The Other Side Of Love by MayCallari9
The Other Side Of Loveby 🦋Butterfly🦋
destined » y.m. by yxxnmn_
destined » y.m.by SOPHENG
a lot of things happened in 5 years.
Dirty Dance Practice • Vhope by that_one_bitchhh
Dirty Dance Practice • Vhopeby hisoka's slut✨
When Hoseok's angry, he gets bossy. When Taehyung gets pressured, he messes up. ____________________ "Why the fuck can't you get anything right?!" "I-I...
wrong number ▸ vhope by caessium
wrong number ▸ vhopeby on hiatus
in which Jung Hoseok is a big fan of international artiste Kim Taehyung and texts the wrong number © 2017 Rachel Zhang All Rights Reserved
TAEHYUNGxBTS Fanarts by Gracie
TaehyungxBts Fluffy/18+ That means it includes ♡ Taekook ♡ ♡Vmin♡ ♡Vhope♡ ♡Taejin♡ ♡Vmon♡ ♡Taegi♡ This book contains ~ * Fanarts * Fanedits * Memes * GIFs * Wallpapers...
PANACEA (Jikook) by Christyflowerlove
PANACEA (Jikook)by Christyflowerlove
''I would never trust you Park Jimin. It's your sister I am marrying, not you'' the man chuckled and raised his glass, almost swallowing all the wine with one sip. ''Out...
Twins Love ( Ggukkook) by Plantaekook
Twins Love ( Ggukkook)by plan
___________________________________________________________________________________ yes.... I know we are brother and we are twins , but that reason not stopping me from...
Touchy by JHopingYouStop
Touchyby JHopingYouStop
Taehyung and Hoseok become touchy...maybe a little too touchy. It's everybody's story. About a growing relationship, one falling apart, and an individual hating every se...