Why can't high school end?!

Why can't high school end?!

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💛Terror Twins❤️ By FNAFToyChica Completed

Carly is your ordinary girl, 16, no boyfriend, no friends, new school.

Always in the background of the pictures and activates, quiet, she always have her iPad Air close to her, but what happens when she bumps into Sideswipe and SunStreaker.


Okay! Hey guys!! It's me FNAFToyChica!!

Okay just thought of this book on a boring day! Hilarious huh? No? Yes? Whatever! 

I do not own Transformers! I only own my made up characters and Carly! 


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Lunar_Prime Lunar_Prime Jul 27, 2017
Me: Because one, I don't want one. Two, I don't like any of the boys I've met so far so it normally ends up with me punching them
Lunar_Prime Lunar_Prime Jul 27, 2017
Me: No but that does not give anyone the right to hit on me, flirt with me, or do anything that may be deemed as sexual harassment. If that does happen, prepare to have your face kicked in and not be able to have children
                              Everyone else: O_O
femalebumblebee femalebumblebee Aug 22, 2017
Wow sideswipe and sunstroker love this and sunstroker just put his foot right in the back of Billy's head THAT A BOT SUNSTROKER!!!!
Avenger_thewarrior Avenger_thewarrior Sep 25, 2017
I got a couple references 
                              SCREW YOU BILLY!
                              GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK BILLY!
Riverbed Riverbed Oct 09, 2017
I already had two fangirl attacks, so......
                              Yeah, pretty good!
Cinematronix_Prime Cinematronix_Prime Jun 09, 2017
*turns off kindle and throws it under bed* CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE