Chapter 1

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Carly's POV

New schools suck!!

That means you have to make new friends only to loose them if you move loose them all over again!

Anyways, I'm on my way to school, my black jeans gripped tightly around my legs and thighs, my converses making a small thumping noise on the concrete, my black book bag around my shoulders, my Deadpool jacket zipped up around the top part of my skinny body.

After 30 minutes of walking I'm finally in the school parking lot.

I walked up to the door of my new school.

Then I'm shoved through the door, "Hey nerd! How about you move your no good Ass!" A teenage boys sneers.

He looks like the punk of the school, cause he has bright orange hair with piercings in his nose even on his eyebrow, "Hey Billy how about you move your no good ass!" I hear another voice sneer.

I go to get up but instead of being pushed down I'm being helped.

I look up and see a man, he has bright electric blue eyes, they look like they're glowing, he has flawlessly tan skin, that immediately reminds me of honey, his blonde hair behind his ears.

He helps me up to my feet, he looks me dead in the eyes, he has those eyes that seen more shit than anybody shouldn't see.

"I'm Justin" he greets.

Than another man walks up, "And this is my Twin Joey" he says while motioning to the walking up man.

This man is kind of like Justin but isn't, he has tan skin like Justin, but he has black hair around his ears like Justin, "I'm Joey!" He chirps.

"C-Carly" I stutter.

"Forget Billy he's an Ass at times" Justin grunts.

I smile, "Uh thanks for helping me" I say softly then grab my bag and run down the hall.

I manage to find the office they gave me a schedule, I walk to my first class, once I get to my first class, Science, I love science.

But I like to explode things!

I walk through the door, kids all in the room laughing and talking up a storm.

I clutch my iPad closer to my chest, I walk towards the back of the desk that is in the back of the room, everyone stops talking and look at me.

Once in the back of the room I put my bag at my feet, and sit down at the desk, everyone is still looking at me, I open up my iPad case and put my nose in a book.

"What a book nerd!" I hear a kid tease.

I rolled my eyes, "Hey nerd! What's your stupid name?!" I hear another taunt.

"Children please stop pestering the new girl and take your seats!" I hear the teacher bark.

I hear kids walking away, "Dear will you please put up your technology?" I hear the Teacher ask me.

I close my iPad and put it back in my bag.

"Will you come up here?" She asks.

I watch as everyone looks back at me, I see Joey and Justin, I slowly stand to my feet.

I can feel my heart racing in my chest.

I walk to the front if the room and stand by our female teacher.

"Hi, I'm Carly Smith, and I came from Texas" I say shyly.

"Welcome to our school Carly, this is my class, and I'm Ms. Avery" she says with a bright smile that gives me courage.

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