A Royal Secret (Percabeth AU)

A Royal Secret (Percabeth AU)

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ThePearlOfTheSea By ThePearlOfTheSea Updated Oct 07, 2016

PERCY is not supposed to exist.

The kingdom could only have one prince; one heir to the throne.

So, when Queen Sally had twins, she knew that she could never tell her husband. 

Triton, the first born, is chosen as the heir to the throne.

Percy, the second born of the two, has been kept a secret for his whole life. He lives in the highest castle tower, and is forced into hiding. He cannot be seen, for he is the spitting image of his father, the king. And his father doesn't know that he exists.

ANNABETH is a commoner. She has lived in the village for her whole life, until her father becomes one of the king's personal guards.

Her family is moved into the castle with the rest of the staff, and she feels very out of place. That is, until her father saves the king's life, earning him one wish to be granted.

He asks for Prince Triton to be married to Annabeth, making her next in line to be queen. She is terrified by the news.

Anyway, being the curious soul that she is, she explores every inch of the castle. However, she is forbidden to ever go up in the tower in the eastern wing of the castle.

But how long will that actually stop her?


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Nerd_pjo Nerd_pjo Nov 21, 2017
Guys this story is incomplete and hasn't been updated in a year, I wouldn't recommend reading this (Although the author is talented)
LazyImmatureMe LazyImmatureMe Oct 10, 2016
No buts and I cannot lie, I do-not understa-and why. 
                              You would question me, even though I'm Queen, do you understand that you might die!
KiwiMehNinjia KiwiMehNinjia Sep 14, 2016
Y'all can have two children the second child would just be next in line for the throne after the first born..