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2016 Wattys Winner for Visual Storytelling! If you're searching for the literary lovechild of Bridget Jones's Diary and Grey's Anatomy--then you're looking for NURSE McSEXY.

(Note: This story is still in the process of being written.)

NURSE McSEXY is a hilariously enhanced true story (with a healthy dose of fiction) about my mortifying experience involving an allergic reaction, Urgent Care and a sexy male nurse. It was an evening in which one of my greatest fears was encountered--only to reveal my better self on the other side of humiliation. This humorous tale is definitely worth calling in sick for!

TO CLARIFY: Despite the title, this is not a tale about a hot and sweaty romance. I mean--I wish it was since it's based on a true story. Unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), my life is a lot more on the belly laughing side of the spectrum than the steaming up mirrors side. Just saying. 

(Note: That's me on the cover in a hospital gown. Since this is partially a true story, it seemed appropriate.)

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oceanicabyss oceanicabyss Oct 31, 2017
Cries extremely hard from laughter and connection to own life
BeccyCarson BeccyCarson Aug 04, 2017
Maybe I should write a story about my own life...I think that instead of making people laugh, it would make them cringe...hehehe
19cupcake91 19cupcake91 Jul 21, 2017
THIS IS SO ME! I would've been itching everywhere. Bugs, expectially spiders, make me itch.