NURSE McSEXY (2016 Wattys Winner)

NURSE McSEXY (2016 Wattys Winner)

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Marilyn A Hepburn By MarilynAHepburn Updated 4 days ago

NURSE McSEXY is a hilariously enhanced true story about my mortifying experience involving an allergic reaction, Urgent Care and a sexy male nurse. It was an evening in which one of my greatest fears was encountered--only to reveal my better self on the other side of humiliation. This humorous tale is definitely worth calling in sick for!

2016 Wattys Winner for Visual Storytelling!

(Note: Cover image from CBS BROADCASTING's Miami Medical)

wynnixxpoop wynnixxpoop Nov 28
All I could think about while looking at the title is a shirtless Ronald McDonald, eww.....
lol, I love that under whatever puts you in a good mood you have a picture of pills *wink, wink* Though who needs pills? I have three pot stores in walking distance from my house...I love Seattle.
SallyMason1 SallyMason1 Jul 06
You go, Stacy!!! Hoping for another allergic reaction when I come to visit, so I can form my own opinion on the sizzle scale, LOL.
MindyLeah MindyLeah Jul 07
Yas! This is a story I can "call in sick for" - and stay home and read. Amazing how you can take a visit to the doctor and turn it into a sexy novella hahaha <3 you are a true writer.
iCanGrammar iCanGrammar Nov 28
ayo jerry seinfeld's mom lived next door to my grandma and he names a character on his show after my dad's comic strip
tamoja tamoja Jul 05
Love your cover!!!  And can't wait for the "real story!!!"   Feel free to embellish. Lol