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My Little Angel by dead_lilli
My Little Angelby lilli
*crack fic* A little girl, at the age of 1, was found by Chrollo Lucifer in a forest near the edge of Meteor City. Chrollo sent her away to a 23-year-old Hisoka with a n...
Spider of Silence (Phantom Troupe x Mute! Reader) by kofunshota_rose
Spider of Silence (Phantom Troupe...by kofunshota_rose
|A Spider's Tale| by RambunctiousCat
|A Spider's Tale|by RambunctiousCat
What would have happened if a more broken, desperate Gwen Stacy, fell into the universe of our happy well-mannered Spider-Man? What would have happened if our cinnamon r...
Cold Hearted|Feitan Portor x reader by grass_n_frogs
Cold Hearted|Feitan Portor x readerby PHROG
(Y/n) is trying to steal Feitan's heart while he coldly interacts with her. No matter how harsh his words are, no matter how many times she gets rejected, she keeps reac...
Kurapika X Reader by crimson_simp11
Kurapika X Readerby crimson_simp11
Hella shit happens in this story 😩✋🏻 So read to find out what happens... As the sister of the "Great" Hisoka Morow, you find yourself helping you're elder br...
A new home by fangirl0726
A new homeby Your Destruction
After the attack on New York, the Avengers helped clean up after their mess Who they found under the debris in the streets of Queen might as well changed their lives fo...
family , phantom troupe x child reader . by -WRITESFANFICS
family , phantom troupe x child re...by -WRITESFANFICS
In which , Chrollo took an interest in a feisty child on the streets, her body surrounded with a powerful aura. He does not know of why did he take her in. Perhaps it wa...
Peter Lokison and his father by CrypticSimp
Peter Lokison and his fatherby Dumb teen
When Peter Parker loses everyone he ever cared about and lives with his abusive Aunt May, how will he manage to survive. Until a certain God bumps into him and he learns...
The Butterfly ~ HxH x Kanao Reader by Anlm3fR3aK
The Butterfly ~ HxH x Kanao Readerby ♡Izami Køta♡
(Y/n), a quiet girl takes the Hunter Exam and meets three teenage boys. Will she pass the Hunter Exam? Will she make the three boys her friend? Will she fall in lov...
Saphira in the Hobbit by BiancaEvans2
Saphira in the Hobbitby LegolasG5*
You have all read or watched the Hobbit and know that 13 dwarves, a hobbit & wizard set out on a quest. But what if a young elf maiden joined them on their quest to recl...
Hide! (Hxh x Neko OC) by zelladark2008
Hide! (Hxh x Neko OC)by zella dark
... Allot unsaid But at least there was one who knew everything and she was glad he was here to hear her for the last time but she wished she didn't hurt him this way he...
Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles [Sister Instert] by AvgClownEnthusiast
Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninga T...by A.C.E
Being the second youngest is never easy. But when you and your brothers stumble across a hidden city things become a whole lot crazier. You start fighting bad guys every...
Dimensions Can't Keep Us Apart by Rainer_des
Dimensions Can't Keep Us Apartby Rainer_des
"Friends... See you around, Spider-Man." These were the last words Miles would ever hear from a certain blonde girl. Friends are supposed to be the ones alway...
Flying into the Spider's Web [OC x Soi-Fon] by SuiFengs_Plaything
Flying into the Spider's Web [OC x...by SuiFeng's_Plaything
While on a mission in the World of the Living, Captain Soi-Fon has a run-in with a mysterious individual, who catches her interest.
Venom/Eddie Brock X Reader by Skwoof
Venom/Eddie Brock X Readerby Skwoof
I AM UNCOMFORTABLE WITH NSFW, PLEASE STOP LEAVING NSFW COMMENTS. Your childhood friend Eddie has been acting rather strange lately, you may not talk to him much, but you...
The Beast Within by LadyInTower
The Beast Withinby LadyInTower
A family lost and a son alone. A boy's life at its end and beginning. An adventure filled with fantastical terrors, where a child becomes a monster, and a monster become...
Mother of The Spiders [DISCONTINUED] by GwennaLane
Mother of The Spiders [DISCONTINUE...by GwennaLane
Ilya is the youngest member of the Phantom Troupe. though she is often referred to as "The Mother of The Spiders" since she takes care of them. #3 In hxh out o...
The Spectacular Spider-Men: Beyond The Web by ZZS101
The Spectacular Spider-Men: Beyond...by The Spider-Boys
Step into the exhilarating world of "Beyond The Web," where the destinies of four extraordinary individuals collide, giving rise to a tale that transcends the...
Different Universe [Pavitr Prabhakar x Reader] (On Going~)  by jessicaDragonic
Different Universe [Pavitr Prabhak...by Jess
Art work not mine! I just edited this in capcut. Also this is Version 1 Y/n Jasmine, lives in New York with her best friend Gwen Stacy. She hasn't told her that she is p...
Droners by Melody_Anddy7
Dronersby Melody_Anddy7
I was really bored so i decided to write s small fanficion about this anime called droners. i dont expect it to be really good so i hope you can give me some advice for...