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Re - Kindle The Soul 💫 by Tarana_B
Re - Kindle The Soul 💫by Tarana B
******** Reader's Review "Your Stories are very Inspiring and Motivating. You write Fabulously.I love your writing style I Love.Your Stories. These Stories touched...
Keep You Awake by NeophyteArtist
Keep You Awakeby Alice/Alect S.
just some thoughts, and some rhymes.
the IMAGINATION STATION - 366 day Journal Challenge by SupaGenkiLife
the IMAGINATION STATION - 366 Supa Genki
やっほー Wattpad I am Supagenki and welcome to the IMAGINATION STATION, where the only train here is the train of thought! This book is a collection of the things I learn in...
Deep Deep Poetry by vnneeee
Deep Deep Poetryby vnneeee
"You made me feel suffocated." Spin off of "Wasted Precious Love", the girl expresses how she felt like a prisoner being on a chair with chains an...
Hot Water & Honey  by xstorm-cloudx
Hot Water & Honey by stormcloud
a collection of poems from my innermost thoughts or as i would like to call it, my hot water and honey! don't forget to vote comment and like!! this is for you if you're...
Darren's Short Stories/Poems by beatleboyblue
Darren's Short Stories/Poemsby Darren
A small, but ever growing compilation of short stories and poems that I have written in the past or somewhat recently. Let me know if you like any of them!
Thoughts by a_zmuth
Thoughtsby Chris Alih
essays and prose[s] addressing the cost of ignorance, why we should strive for knowledge and reject falsehoods. This book is basically the collection of my thoughts abou...
How I Became The Sea by MarinaMaher
How I Became The Seaby Marina Maher
♡ ♛ Digest your pain and build your mansion For it will all be gone when your dreams diminish Into something as beautiful as you ♛ ♡
Aunt Nina's Tea Guide! ( The Glory of Tea, Recipes, Information & More ) by EerieEden
Aunt Nina's Tea Guide! ( The Sabrina “Eerie” Eden
Drink Tea, Be Extraordinary! I AM THE CRAZY AUNT NINA! My Nieces, Meadow (5) & Jasmine (13) told me they wished they had a real tea kit. So for the Holidays, I made it m...
Traumatizing Realizations: the Product of my Boredom by trashyasskilljoy
Traumatizing Realizations: the ur moms toes
Just a bunch of really random thoughts that made me question my existence.
Shadows Of My Heart (poetry from the soul; for the soul) by AngelicaJordan101
Shadows Of My Heart (poetry from crazy_is_the_new_sane
Poetry is life, written the way one sees it and lives it. Every experience is a word that begins a poem that speaks the length of a novel. 'Shadows Of MY Heart' takes th...
Poetry From my Dreams: Poetry Book by Piano_Magic_Poetry
Poetry From my Dreams: Poetry Bookby Devon Woodcox
this is a book i'm working on which has all of the poems that i'm writing, i'll be adding new poems each week, so check it out!
rants & thoughts by peoplelikefrogs
rants & thoughtsby peoplelikefrogs
So basically this is just cuz im bored but if you want to listen to my rambling and thoughts go ahead and read.
Food Story by mrs_penny_wayne
Food Storyby Mrs. Penny Wayne
You'll never treat the food on your dish the same way ever again.
Bruh Moments -  A Collection by DRJones1425
Bruh Moments - A Collectionby Vishrut Upadhyay
Smol poems or thoughts that I came up with. Ramblings so to speak
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Tick-tock Symphonies by -Fraz-
Tick-tock Symphoniesby Fraz
Short stories from day to day life or life that could be.
DARK FUTURES - Short Stories by J.J. by Jellynose
DARK FUTURES - Short Stories by Jay Jay
Some stories about possible futures. I am trying to bring some humour into my stories, but I also have some very opinionated views on environmental issues and social iss...
Words With Meaning  by confused_Tristen
Words With Meaning by Tristen
Just words that make people think, feel, and remember.