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Wrinkles in Life by L_Writes
Wrinkles in Lifeby L_Writes
Draco Malfoy discovers a tube of his mother's red lipstick and learns that accepting yourself takes time. Goes from the summer before sixth year to eighth. I'm bad at su...
Dawson is- most people who don't know him would say- as straight as they come. And senior year away from home promises to be a big year for him: no parents in sight, a w...
Peter's Little Peter by mestrin
Peter's Little Peterby Michael Estrin
🍌🍌🍌Think Netflix's SEX EDUCATION, but without the accents, and instead of pictures and sound, I put the words on the screen, and you paint the pictures with your mind...
Mask of Celibacy by Carolyn_Hill
Mask of Celibacyby Carolyn Hill
Imagine GILMORE GIRLS with strict grandparents meets an asexual teen version of YOU'VE GOT MAIL. She wears a mask of piety. He wears a mask of logic. In the late nineti...
The Sweet Curves by badhabits-
The Sweet Curvesby sky
Growing up in the shadow of an externally successful and internally dysfunctional family, Lena Waters has become a realist in her own right. Working to create a living f...
Half Wylde | Book 1 by SabrinaBlackburry
Half Wylde | Book 1by Sabrina Blackburry
Half-blooded Wren escapes her old life among humans to go live with the fae. After a warm welcome, Wren slowly begins to accept herself for who she is, until she encount...
FIXING HADLEY by graciewritesx
For Hadley Green, a single mother with an empty pocket the last thing she needed was for Adrian Blake to waltz into her life trying to steal her heart. For Adrian Blake...
CASTED by brizena
CASTEDby brizena
When love is all you seek but all you got in return are insults and abuses, having being told all your life that you are nothing. At the end regrets is all you feel for...
Far From Perfect by AngelicaGabriela1991
Far From Perfectby Angelica Velazquez
Alexa Williams is a curvaceous twenty-three year old, who can't see past her flaws and imperfections. She is so adamant that she is anything but beautiful, she refuses...
Insecure by _ryder_
Insecureby mrs. potter🤧💝
The insecurity chews her up and spits her out. It consumes her and controls her. All her thoughts are second guessed and over thought. The mayhem, commotion, and confusi...
Becoming Bionic by Zoe_Blessing
Becoming Bionicby Zoe Blessing
A teen with a degenerative disease lets her genius parents replace her legs with cybernetics, only to awake 6 months later to discover her parents have disappeared, and...
Croana Additions and Drabbles by AnnamariaSarli
Croana Additions and Drabblesby Annamaria
I can't get over this season end... There's too much left incomplete... Cris' coming out, Joana's necklace, their life at school once they decided to stop hiding... Sinc...
Spin the Bottle by CrimsonJames
Spin the Bottleby Crimson James
"Stephanie, look at me," I said, my voice trembling more than I expected it to. Stephanie's eyes were teary when she looked back at me, she opened her mouth to...
Journey Through Universe  by LuLu-2004
Journey Through Universe by 🥀𝓛𝓾𝓛𝓾🥀
«To get through the hardest journey we need to take only one step at a time. The key is, we must keep stepping.« ¶•¶•¶•¶ Highest ranking: 1 in self-management ••• Start...
Theo (Boyxboy)(Trans) by Llamas-and-whiskers
Theo (Boyxboy)(Trans)by Shayna
A story that follows the journey of young Theo, a transgender boy faced with the harsh reality that being his true self could possibly be the most difficult thing he'll...
Escape || an LGBT+ story by XiaoNathan
Escape || an LGBT+ storyby Yonateez03
Jay is a soon-to-be-18-year-old nontransitioned and closeted transgender boy, who can't wait until the day he can escape his strict christian environment to transition...
Gray & Aiden by bluefaraday20
Gray & Aidenby GR
NOTE: THIS BOOK IS BXB, WHICH MEANS A ROMANCE BETWEEN TWO MALES. Expect there to be sexual scenes too. Gray Roman was excited for a fresh start. After a series of bad ex...
It's a Cruel World, Sir (Student/Teacher) by morbidcupcake
It's a Cruel World, Sir (Student/ MC
His tongue trails from the side of my chin to the corner of my mouth. I'm frozen on spot, barely breathing. When he pulls away, his eyes are the same shimmering silver I...
All My Deepest Secrets by SalmaRaafat12414
All My Deepest Secretsby poet2k01
You're reading the story of my life, getting to know all my layers. After getting done with this book, I'll be naked infront of every reading eyes.
31 Days of Happiness  by Qveen__Shanti
31 Days of Happiness by 👑