The Secret - Book 1 (Watty Award Winner)

The Secret - Book 1 (Watty Award Winner)

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Concept: A mysterious young woman flees from her troubled past only to discover it is impossible to escape THE SECRET that haunts her.

*This story was originally inspired by the movie "Sleeping With the Enemy", however I do have ideas for possible revisions*

"I would never, Steven," she promised, turning away from him in an attempt to protect herself.

"I know you wouldn't," he screamed at her. Cupping her chin in his hand, he forced her to look at him. "Because I would kill you."  

His words hung heavy in the air.

Sarah's heart sank into her stomach. No matter how many times she had heard the menacing phrase, she could never get used to it. It had the same affect on her as the first time he'd thrown the ugly words in her face. 

The familiar sting of bile rose in her throat, and she knew she would deplete the contents of her stomach once she was locked in the safety of their master bath.

'If I make it through this time,' she agonized. 

Her biggest fear was that one day he would really lose his temper with her. 

Who knew what would happen then?

Top Ranks: Action #1, Mystery/Thriller #1

*This story contains scenes of abuse and may be disturbing to some readers. While the characters are fictional, domestic violence is a serious issue that many people across the world face. If you or someone you know is the victim of abuse, please seek help immediately.

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I have a story and wanna get it published... What do you suugest me to do... Should I publish my work on wattpad... Plz reply ASAP
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i was so inspired by this i decided to write something as well 
                              its not near as good tho :(
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Nice painting. Who is this from ? Can you at least give credits to the artists ?
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wow the trailer n the movie is soooo old😂😂😂 it's creepy tho