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The bet on the abused by uniquegirl2002
The bet on the abusedby L.E.T
Keona is a 17 year old that has one thing on her mind. Skating. She aims for this as a goal different tricks and all. The only thing that keeps her sane with an abuse d...
  • fights
  • romance
  • adulthumor
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Omega by uniquegirl2002
Omegaby L.E.T
#377 in werewolf (3/3/2017) Sam is the lowest of low. Her pack tells her she is an omega. Her family trying to get rid of the abomination that turned out to be their dau...
  • 2016
  • selfconscious
  • abused
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EXCEPTional by Seungshine7
EXCEPTionalby Kay
He's exceptional, and she's everything except outstanding . . . Chance Olson has made it big. But after five years of being in the modeling business, he's ready for...
  • extraordinary
  • chances
  • exceptional
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High [Boy X Boy] by MMashedPotatoess
High [Boy X Boy]by MashedPotatoes
"... This isn't your territory~ Rabbit." "M-My apologies... V-Vulture." "Do you know what vultures do to rabbits like you...?" An audible s...
  • money
  • triggerwarning
  • graphiccontent
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Funny Texts by JulietStilinski
Funny Textsby • juliet rose •
This is just a book of really funny text messages between people. I give you the picture of the messages and I'll give you some reaction from me. There is some adult lan...
  • random
  • fun
  • mẹ
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The Shady Adventures of Fabian by Wuckster
The Shady Adventures of Fabianby Wuckster
It's not easy being a thief. You just don't get the same level of respect as fighters or clerics or those goody two shoes paladins. Heck, even wizards are held in high...
  • silly
  • magic
  • fracturedfairytale
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NURSE McSEXY by MarilynAHepburn
NURSE McSEXYby Marilyn A Hepburn
2016 Wattys Winner for Visual Storytelling! If you're searching for the literary lovechild of Bridget Jones's Diary and Grey's Anatomy--then you're looking for NURSE McS...
  • self-discovery
  • selfacceptance
  • adulthumor
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Dorothy High by xxxbabygirlzixxx
Dorothy Highby Badmus Zainab
Welcome to Dorothy High, Home of the mighty lions As students return back from their break as fresh seniors some discover romance and others discover a mystery involving...
  • romance
  • hot
  • cupidsmatch
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Caught In The Crossfire (Markiplier x Neko! Reader) +other surprises  by imjustanotherthorist
Caught In The Crossfire ( imjustanotherthorist
IMPORTANT: Read this book first it will make more sense so that you can enjoy Aquaflora's book more.
  • drama
  • fox
  • phillester
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Across The Stars by AdrielEveningstar
Across The Starsby Adriel Michaelson
My version of Star Wars, guys, no hatin. "How did us against the universe become me against you?!" He shrieked as the girl he once loved faced him, her now gl...
  • love
  • anakin
  • imagines
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The Hunger Inside| Zombie!Reader x Creepypasta by ReaderOfFnaf
The Hunger Inside| Zombie!Reader ReaderOfFnaf
  • creepypatsa
  • fuckit
  • bendrowned
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The Dismal Delusions of the Drinking Death Eater by IRiSEaGLeS
The Dismal Delusions of the IRiS EaGLeS
Don't mess with us, we will Avada your sorry butts! If you don't know, who the F cares. We do. This is my random ramblings to keep my sanity in a world that seems to be...
  • funny
  • fangirls
  • adulthumor
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Reader x Max Camp Camp by ReaderOfFnaf
Reader x Max Camp Campby ReaderOfFnaf
  • roosterteeth
  • toby
  • stupid
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The Reality (TAGALOG-ENGLISH) by maean_real
The Reality (TAGALOG-ENGLISH)by M A E A N ♡
A girl named Maria Louise Aranetta who's only desire is to be loved by who and what she is, in her own mundane world. She thought no one loves her. Maria's life was plai...
  • adult-content
  • goals
  • foolishness
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Glory Hole by TaeTaethelion707
Glory Holeby M
Knee slapping joke book. DISCLAIMER: may hold dirty humor ;) Enjoy :3
  • unpredictable
  • funnyjokes
  • newwriter
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