7:37 PM - ARTICLE ON 69 (PART I)

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"Did you say Imma Nutters?" I ask.

McSexy nods.

"That's crazy! I JUST read an article by her in the waiting room."

"In a magazine?" He seems surprised Ami or Imma would author a piece for a periodical

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"In a magazine?" He seems surprised Ami or Imma would author a piece for a periodical.

"Yeah. Poor Housekeeping." I reach for the small stack of magazines Bubbles brought in earlier still piled on the tray and shuffle through them. Sure enough—like a cliché happenstance in a cheesy Hollywood movie—the magazine I hoped to find is there.

"Is it about her novels?" McSexy questions.

"Nope. She wrote about soul mates, and why we're not supposed to spend the rest of our lives with them."

"What?" The handsome nurse repositions himself by my side and waits patiently as I flip to page 69.

"There!" I point to her name in the article.

I watch McSexy's lips move as he silently mouths the title—Soul Mates Are Teachers, NOT Life Partners. "Is this fiction?"

"I don't think so. It's more informative than fantasy."

"Let me see that." He lifts the magazine from the tray and scans the contents. His reading ensues a long bout of silence, causing me to side-glance the remains of my egg salad sandwich. I bet I could get another bite in and swallowed by the time he finishes the article, I think to myself. Or not. You've had terrible luck so far today. It's probably best to err on the side of caution. Yeah, best to be cautious. Don't touch the egg salad sandwich. I repeat, don't touch the egg salad sandwich. Naturally the voice of my inner toddler chimes in and whines, but me want more sandwich in mouth.

"Unlikely soul mates?" McSexy whispers, prying my attention off my egg salad snack. "Soul highs?"

"Addictions. You must be at the part where she talks about our pull towards negative people."

"Yeah," McSexy confirms. "But—soul mates? C'mon—"

"It sounded like a bunch of crap when I first read it, too. But the longer it sank in, the more it made sense—once you get beyond the semantics."

"Why on Earth would I be addicted to someone mistreating me?"

"Because they have something to teach you" I explain. "Like your surgeon friend, for example."

"Woh, woh, wait." McSexy shakes his head from side to side in disagreement. With an uncomfortable chuckle, he adds, "The surgeon and I are not soul mates. That's for damn sure."

"But—the metaphorical knife still stuck between your shoulders."

"Doesn't mean we're friends."

"You don't have to be friends to learn from someone," I argue. "That's why you can't pull the knife out. He needs to teach you something."

"There isn't anything I want to learn from him." McSexy closes the magazine and tosses it on the tray. "Sounds like magazine filler to me."

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