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FairyTail: Lucy, Celestial Star Slayer! (A FairyTail FanFiction!) -discontinued-

FairyTail: Lucy, Celestial Star Slayer! (A FairyTail FanFiction!) -discontinued-

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back <3 By bigredsara Updated Jun 12

Lucy Heartfilia, a normal Celestial Mage in a guild named FairyTail. Everything was perfectly normal; going on jobs with her team, being together, having fun. All was good! That was until a new girl of FairyTail came to ruin Lucy's life. This girl's name is Sydney Alberona, known as Cana Alberona's long lost sister. Everyone is, of course, excited for Cana's lost sibling being back just like how Lisanna came! Sydney slowly grew to the guild. She especially got attracted to a certain pink haired guy of the guild. Sydney saw how much Lucy and Natsu were together so much. Jealousy ran through her veins.
  Sydney decided to show the whole guild how weak Lucy is compared to everyone. Of course Sydney had to do this when Natsu wasn't around, knowing what he would do. FairyTail eventually started to agree with Sydney and took her side. Lucy lived through this for a while, hoping it would get better. FairyTail threatened to hurt Natsu if Lucy told him. She didn't want to risk it, so kept it a secret. 
  Soon, Lucy gets tired of all the beatings and everything that has happened to her in just one month. She decides to move and train, striving to be strong just like Natsu. After traveling long distances, something pushes her into a deep, dark hole. 
  Little did she know, that is where her adventure was just about to begin..  
  &quot;I'll show you! I'll show you all how strong I can be!&quot;
  She turned her head towards the guild as she looked at everyone who was staring at her in awe. &quot;Who's the strong one now? The one you called weak,&quot; she smirked as she turned her head back around. 
  What will happen? Will Lucy be okay? What obstacles will she come across? Find out in my new book: FairyTail: Lucy, The Celestial Star Slayer! (A FairyTail FanFiction!)

*turns into dragon form and looks insane* lock your door at nigh ill feed of your fright and when the moon is at it's brightest I WILL strike *laugh's like a maniac*
Your sister is mean Cana fix her before I throw her off of a building
Hehehe you just try to hurt nalu... Wait and see syndey-chan~ *insane little girl voice* also has anybody notice lucy is a tsundere? Lol i just figured it out
6titania25 6titania25 Nov 05, 2016
If you ruin my OTP,Sydney, I'LL MAKE YOUR A LIFE A LIVING HELL!!!!
Ok you know what happens when you crush our dreams?........
                              YOU DIE....*gaster blasters surround her along with bones* SO BE PREPARED....*evil laugh*
Yanini12345 Yanini12345 May 28, 2016
WOW! This is a really good book! Great job! I am sooo into this. Also NOOOOO LUCY IS MADE FOR NATSU *cough* *dang it Sydney*