The Truth/NaLu/✔️

The Truth/NaLu/✔️

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Lucy Heartfillia. A normal 17 year old blonde celestial mage from Fairy Tail.

But everyone from Fairy Tail at least has a dark secret or past. Mira and her demon origin, Gray and Deliora and even Erza and the tower of heaven.

Does anyone know Lucy's secret and past? She's been quiet about it and nobody till now dared to ask. Lucy's past comes and haunts her and she tries her best to hide it.

Lucy is afraid if the Guild does find out they'd hate her. She's afraid Natsu would hate her.

Will Lucy win in hiding the truth or will it uncover?

|The Truth by NaLu4Lyfe03 of NaLu4Lyfe|

Warning: I don't own any of these characters Hiro Mashima does.

Jinxxlove Jinxxlove Apr 19
I imagined them saying "MOVE OUTA THE WAY OR I'LL KILL YOU!!" Or something like that.
For team Natsu it's normal to destroy stuff but other people not so much 😂
*sigh* Lucy u should make up a new and yet confusing one that can fool them referring to Team Natsu
Jinxxlove Jinxxlove Apr 19
I just imagined her holding up Happy and saying that quote from the Lion King when that lion holds up Simba.........okay I'm totally ranting right now.
I think Ezra is way to high on cake 🎂 Who gave it to her Huh?! Was it you Gray!?
I was gonna say.......Erza may be a little too enthusiastic about camping