Fairy Tail of My Heart (NaLu Fanfiction) [UNDERGOING SERIOUS EDITING]

Fairy Tail of My Heart (NaLu Fanfiction) [UNDERGOING SERIOUS EDITING]

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It all started when I, Lucy Heartfilia joined the infamous Fairy Tail Guild. A lot of things have changed by now, for the good, and for the bad. But things can't stay the same forever, and I've learned that lesson the hard way.

So when one day, the Fairy Tail guild gets into some dire circumstances, how will I be able to fix these messes?

I hope my bonds with Natsu, and the rest of the team are strong enough because this is gonna be an adventure for the books.

Get ready for this, because now I'll be living the Fairy Tail of My Heart.

-Lucy Heartfilia

Count me in, Erza. They both looooooovvvvveeee each other their just in denial. Natsu is just so dense that he doesn't realize that he loves Luce already.
sotumblrfansie sotumblrfansie Feb 19, 2016
"I'll certainly try baby" I thought that is what he says 🙂
FairySaiii FairySaiii Apr 08, 2016
                              GETRUDE: dot sounds
                              FairySaiii: HAI DOTTY SAMAAAA!!!
                              GETRUDE: dot sound
                              FairySaiii: OMG YOUR SO COOL AND SMART
                              GETRUDE: dot sound
                              FairySaiii: LOL IKR
-springhun- -springhun- Feb 09, 2016
We all obsess about you and Natsu. When is Nalu happening?????
Sky_Bennett Sky_Bennett Jan 21
I shall name you......Sprinkles!! Cause Sprinkles goes good with anything!! Well in my opinion.
me1myself me1myself Sep 27, 2016
I'm not sure if it's sweet, weird, pervert or just all of the above..