You and He, I and She [1st Place in FT Watty Awards]

You and He, I and She [1st Place in FT Watty Awards]

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Juvia By satsuki-sama Completed

Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel are best friends since they are young. They are always together. They do everything together. They don't keep secrets with each other. During their High School Natsu met a girl named Lisanna Strauus. He fell in love with this girl at first sight. Natsu always talk about her with Lucy and asked a few tip to get this girl. As his best friend, Lucy keeps on supporting Natsu to get Lisanna. But not knowing by Natsu his best friend Lucy has admired him for a long time. When Natsu gets Lisanna as his girlfriend, Lucy started to act strange. Natsu didn't know why is Lucy is like that he always asked her why is she like that but Lucy just ignore him. 
Lucy's family went abroad because of their family business. Lucy didn't even say goodbye to Natsu before she leave the country. Natsu just heard the news from Levy that Lucy left without telling him. Lucy also met a guy named Gray Fullbuster at America. Lucy fell in love to him. One day Lucy and Natsu met accidentally and they have a conversion that made Natsu realize something important that he should notice earlier. Now Natsu don't know what he should do. He is always thinks of Lucy even he is with Lisanna. Will everyone be smile together with happiness just what Natsu wants? Or it may turn out up side down?

Whose your ship? NaLu or GrayLu or Nali or Gruvia???? XD

Winner of FT Watty Awards 2015 in Alternate Timelines Category...^W^ Thank you for those  who voted.

Started: June 6, 2014
End: May 14, 2016

NaLu is the reason why I live so hopefully Natsu and Lucy ends up together
OMGOODNESS!! (I dont want to something bad) I ALREADY LOVE THIS STORY!!
Oh god..... I know this is going to hit me right in the feels
NoMansWifi NoMansWifi Nov 24
I keep laughing at this; her best friend used to hang out with a sakura tree
Im into this type of stuff all the romantic stuff and the drama and the sad parts cause I just want to cry now
This was one of my favorite themes! So exited to read this! I even made a song based of of it eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... I