Look Whos Back! (A Nalu Fanfiction)*Undergoing revision*

Look Whos Back! (A Nalu Fanfiction)*Undergoing revision*

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☣Sσяα☣ By Yodaspellzskillz Completed

(Hiyas, I will be revising the story as of 3/15/15 , I will keep to the main story line but with minor details being added here and there! I do not know how long the revisions will last but if you are following me I will make an announcement when I finish~)

Lissana came back and now Lucy's feeling the pain. It started as any other normal day but took a righteous turn to about 18 degrees to a world of hurt for Lucy Heartfilia. After being kicked off Team Natsu to be replaced by Lissana, she leaves Fairy Tail, angry and confused. She runs away and finds a girl named Alisha, supposedly the Last Celestial Dragon Slayer. She entrusts the secret art of the magic to Lucy, taking Heartfilia under her wing. After a couple of years of training Lucy thinks that she is free from all of the pain that was caused by her once thought Minna but is thrown back into the clutched of Fairy Tail unexpectedly. What will she do? And her problems aren't the only thing she has to worry about. Something is brewing, and Lucy has no idea whats to come nor is she prepared...  Why was she entrusted with this secret magic and what does Lucy have to do with all this? 

Cover made by @Morbidempire   Thank you sis! 

GUYS BOOK TWO IS OUT! Link is right above! Its been out and finished for a while now!!! Anyway here you guys go; ENJOY!

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DWFTMY DWFTMY Aug 29, 2017
Here comes the lasagna hate comments . Honestly  I love lasagna, it's just lisagna that I hate
Miricelle Miricelle 2 days ago
I hate lisanna...... Natsus ass don't wanna be with her anymore.
Quality_Fandom_Trash Quality_Fandom_Trash Aug 10, 2016
And why do u say high to natsu first when your siblings r right there...,........idk she may be good in this one just nalu senses tingling
lunadragneel16 lunadragneel16 Jan 28, 2017
i love your skills of poetic writing... so specifically used words
Quality_Fandom_Trash Quality_Fandom_Trash Aug 10, 2016
GET OUTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
- - Jan 01, 2017
why is everyone hating on her? *realizes that she is talking to a bunch or deranged fans set on making the Nalu ship sail*  hehehe.... i hate her too!... hehe..