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What is it like to have a fierce love?

Blair Alcoberes grew up feeling unwanted by her parents who left her as they work abroad to make her learn how to live and stand on her own. 

And here came Gael Ondevilla who gave her all the love that he can give her that made her feel wanted and loved. And she doesn't want that. She doesn't want him as she has someone else whom she believes that she loves, until she realizes that she's not. 

But that's not the end of the story. There's more to it than love. 

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aissy1022 aissy1022 Jun 05
Ganitong ganito sumagato ang mga law student,pol sci and physco.. haha
Deleted__05_19_2018 Deleted__05_19_2018 Jul 01, 2017
This is it pancit.. Bagong story na naman akong babasahin.. Ahahaha
jillthegirl jillthegirl Apr 23
I'm so excited to read this! Gusto ko yung mga ganito e. Yung maldita yung girl, hindi damsel in distress. Hihi :)
denzzyloves denzzyloves Apr 19
Okay. Naalala ko na naman nung pinamemorize sa amin simula preamble to article 3. Damn! Engineering student ako pero parang naging major ko ang pol gov nung sem na yon. 😂
_haruwyi_ _haruwyi_ Mar 21, 2017
Fierce?diba si
                              Pierce jimenez yun?😂😂😂😂👏👏👏
                              Okay waley.
                              Sigi na tuloy na sa pag babasa.😂✌
BelleNaLang BelleNaLang Apr 17
die y'all! hahahha parang ayoko na mag law! tambay na lang ako major in katamaran minor in acad