Every Flight Counts

Every Flight Counts

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SIS (Social Issue Series) #3: Gender Inequality

Men and women in the 21st Century still aren't able to totally get free from the socially defined roles. They are expected to act in certain ways just because they are male and female. Lalake ka raw kaya hindi ka pwede sa ganito. Babae ka raw kaya hanggang dito ka lang.

Ellie Madeline have always dreamed of becoming a pilot. She believes that she was born to fly. Despite the disapproval of the people around her, she was able to take one step closer to her goal. Little did she know that her entrance in the best Aviation Academy in town is just the beginning of her struggle against discrimination.

Spencer Donovan is her number one rival. He wants to be the best in this field just as much as she wants. As they pit against each other, Ellie found herself falling for Spencer's unforeseen charms. But her bold advances to win his heart just backfires all the time.

That's when Zaiden Pierce decided to join the picture and offer her some help. Who is he? Well, he's just nothing more than Spencer's bestfriend.

Or... could there actually be more to that?

Started: May 1, 2020
Completed: May 18, 2020