Today a Millionaire, Tomorrow a Maid

Today a Millionaire, Tomorrow a Maid

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TeenImagines By TeenImagines Updated Oct 31

This is not one of those typical maid-boss romantic stories
because Adriana Lockwood's life is everything but typical
her life comes crashing down and taking an ultra drastic change, from living the extravagant life being served by maids and butlers to becoming one. 
"she loved maids so much she became one" 

that change was for the better or worse, she doesn't know
but she's pretty sure nothing and no one could be worse than her master, the dangerously extra fine, extra dominating, extra intimidating, extra sadistic, extra sexy latino mafia man. 

he's a mob boss but that does't stop her from getting her way... even with all of his threats, punishments and torturing ways, because they got her hooked... who knows maybe she is a masochist after all and enjoys his teases and tortures, or he just made her that way.

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Girl i understand you .we maybe should get together because i know how you feel
*calls 911* 
                              yes hi a fuckboy just brutally rejected a girl and her self confidence needs medical attention…mhm…yea…ok see you soon 
                              *hangs up* 
                              They'll be there in 5 minutes
I'm a boss asś bítch, bítch, bítch, bítch, bítch, bítch, bítch
I totally get what ur doing with the lockwoods and Silas.. Previous mention of teen wolf and gossip girl... U go girl
You sure you don't want to pass him up? Cause I mean if you don't want him I'll gladly take him
Same girl just play it off saying that you say a bug in front of his face