The Millionaires Maid (EDITING ALL OVER AGAIN!)

The Millionaires Maid (EDITING ALL OVER AGAIN!)

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All she wanted was answers."Why did my parents leave me in an orphanage?"."Why does everyone think less of me?"."Why did he choose me to work with him?"All Alice Heart wanted was freedom for her own will.Desire to be free from all troubles around her.She wanted to be like any other normal teenage girl,but she couldn't.
                                 Then there's him

The country of Arlandia was ruled by the youngest,sexiest,millionaire Alex Westwood.He had everything in the palm of his hands because of his fathers recognition and empire.The only thing was...he never wanted to become like his father.Everyone thought highly of Alex that no one knew what he truly wanted.He wished for his own freedom,his own power of speech against other empires.

What both didn't know is that they wanted the same wish.

What will happen when Alice's desire for a change in life crash trouble with the one and only Mr.Westwood?

Will her new life become a dream or a curse?

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DISCLAIMER!!!!! This book is being EDITED!!!!Sorry for the mistakes in grammar and spelling!!!But please enjoy!!!!

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realms_of_the_mind realms_of_the_mind May 31, 2017
You're using all the question marks all wrong. Question marks are for questions, it's literally in the name.
willow121 willow121 Aug 26, 2016
I like the story line but the spelling and sentences make me confused and not understanding what is going on
locoshawty locoshawty Sep 02, 2016
I just wanna say b4 I read this book 1i loved your trail or and 2 I'm definetly adding it .
Sendmecoffeex Sendmecoffeex Oct 23, 2015
I really love it so far!♥ But sometimes it's hard to read because of the structure x