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Release Me

Release Me

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Anna Rose By anna_rose01 Completed

Highest ranked- #10 in action  2/16/2017     
  A promotion. 
  That's all I wanted. I didn't want to run for my life. I didn't want to be kidnapped. I didn't want to face death. I didn't want to find out my whole life was a lie. 
  I just wanted a bloody promotion. Guess fate had other plans?
         The cold air fanned over my face as I opened the door. The exit door lead to the back of the building so it was pitch black. I leaned against the wall trying to control myself.           
        Blood was running down my arm and head. My hair was stuck to my face from all the sweat and blood. Everything was spinning around me and the ground seemed like it was shaking. Groaning I sat down and put my head on my knees.      
         He knows who I am.     
         He knows how I look like. 
        He knows where I work so possible knows where I live.
        I am not safe anymore... no where.      
        While I was in my own world I heard faint sounds behind me but I didn't bother to look or run away. The footsteps got closer and I was pretty sure it was Walker's men. 
        I should run. 
        I should try to fight.
        But what's the point  in trying to run away? He would eventually find me and if he has his way he would most likely kill me. If this is my fate then why am I trying to fight it?
        I felt someone harshly grab my waist and pull me up and I complied. They dragged me down the alley and into the busy street. I heard the opening of a car and the next thing I knew I was being thrown into a car. My head hit the hard leather seat and the door shut behind me.  
        Maybe this is how my life will end. Maybe I should just let it happen. Maybe I was destined to die alone as a no one.   
        With that I let the darkness consume me.

ashcorbs ashcorbs Oct 22, 2016
HAHA THIS IS SO ME. Like I am literally the idiot in the scary movies that's like " oh I wonder what that is"
Devita33 Devita33 Oct 09, 2016
Wow what a start! I love the action and the suspense you've created at the end! Well done 👏
ellipticall ellipticall Sep 13, 2016
So I voted for all the chapters ahead of time, and added this story to my library so I can read it later. By the way, looks amazing so far. 😊
ButteredBums ButteredBums Oct 16, 2016
I was just looking at this book again, since it's just amazing and I realized I never voted on the first chapter! :/ But I dont know why I didn't since this book is actually one of my favorites!
CiraKira CiraKira Sep 06, 2016
Excellent beginning and please, can you check out my story and see what i need improving?? I think I'm going to carry on ^^
AnnieIrish AnnieIrish Sep 20, 2016
Really great opening chapter, you've created a good suspense and thrilling opening scene!