Human Error

Human Error

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Leigh Ansell By leigh_ Updated 2 days ago

BOOK 1 // Human Error (COMPLETE)
BOOK 2 // Human Instinct (IN PROGRESS)


"Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness engineered right into their DNA." - William Shakespeare, 1602 (adapted for BioPlus)
  Astrid Oxford is not normal. Two hundred years into the future, society is recovering from global collapse, and genetic modification has saved the remaining population from a hunger crisis. The alteration of human DNA has been illegal since the technology was developed, but in the heart of New London, a sinister trend has emerged among society's elite.
  Designer children have been the city's best-kept secret for years, but strange side effects are now appearing as they hit adolescence. When a freak suicide forces modification into the public eye, eighteen-year-old Astrid is about to learn how difficult it is to stay under the radar when you really were born to stand out.

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la_seule_reine la_seule_reine 19 hours ago
I do this but get a crazy as bruise every single time. Why do I still do it? not sure ask my hip
I keep grieving when finishing books and I really do think this’ll fix everythingg
LivReye LivReye 4 days ago
I can feel that this story is going to be absolutely fantastic!
                              California, USA
                              9:46 PM
                              I'm going to do some work on a story of my own but once I'm done for the night,  I'm definitely starting this, this sounds right up my alley!
                              Recommended, this sounds really cool and I can’t wait to read it!
Sashh23 Sashh23 Jan 05
                              La Rioja, Argentina 
                              Just waiting for be amazed