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3 Irritating Idiots And a Silent Girl (One Piece fanfiction) by BakaMiao
3 Irritating Idiots And a Silent milosaur rawr
Emiko, an innocent-like girl Eustass Kid? He's nothing but trouble How about, Trafalgar Law? A pychopath. Luffy? A crazy idiot. What if those boys collided in with Emi...
Saintess of The Sea ( One piece Fanfic ) by fruznad
Saintess of The Sea ( One piece Mame
What if Luffy has a twin little sister? What if his sister is the key for everything to end and a start for a new future? Will the story become different? Monkey D. Ali...
R E D | ONE PIECE by thatwannabeauthor
R E D | ONE PIECEby thatwannabeauthor
❝ this plan of yours is going to get us killed.... of course i'm in! ❞
Eustass Kidd x reader(hyper) by Kidsdeadarmskin
Eustass Kidd x reader(hyper)by oops_i_fell
Your hyperactive a lot but you also have a very sadistic mindset when it comes to fighting. When your fighting you catch the eye of a certain Pirate captain !!!!There i...
Royal Pain~ Eustass Kid x Reader by piratequeend
Royal Pain~ Eustass Kid x Readerby PirateQueenD
A stroll around the kingdom introduces you to a pirate captain, Eustass Kid.
Abducted by Trafalgar Law (One Piece Fanfic) by ___onepiecewriter___
Abducted by Trafalgar Law (One 3D2Y
Being Abducted by the infamous Trafalgar Law was not on my agenda. Especially because I am a rare neko with a bounty of 180,000,000 beri. Cats and Doctors DO NOT go well...
Broken~ Android!Kid x Reader by piratequeend
Broken~ Android!Kid x Readerby PirateQueenD
It's common to find disassembled android parts during your job. It however was not common to find a fully functioning new model android. For whatever reason this rare sp...
One Piece x Reader : Law, Kid, & Luffy: Home Is Where Your Heart Is by Queen_of_the_Pirates
One Piece x Reader : Law, Kid, & Queen_of_the_Pirates
(Y/n) was just a regular girl in a kinda normal emotionally abusive family. (Y/n) would sometimes break down and cry silently in her room for hours, the only thing that...
One Piece x Reader Oneshots by redheadedpineapple
One Piece x Reader Oneshotsby Bamse
One piece characters x reader story by redlaserartist
One piece characters x reader storyby Red Sprout
This is a story and not a singular oneshot. Y/N'S story on how she meets the cast of one piece. Y/n is masquerading as a boy in order to get respect. She is in a cert...
One Piece Dark Non Con/Rape Fantasy fanfic by Piratequeen2020
One Piece Dark Non Con/Rape Captain Mandy
🛑18+ Warning 🛑Dark rape/non con fanfiction. 🛑 Okay this series is a Op X reader and was anonymously requested,its a One piece Dark Rape/non Con fantasy fanfiction. Ch...
One Piece x Reader one shots by OtakuFirePhoenix
One Piece x Reader one shotsby Phoenix
Some Romantic scenarios between you and some One Piece characters. Though, I haven't watched every episode, but I know enough characters to make this, so that's good. An...
One Piece x Reader One Shots ➳ by VSphinx
One Piece x Reader One Shots ➳by sphinx
luffy: *screams* ONE SHOTSS nami: *beats the shit out of luffy* shutup! luffy: *gets back up with a swollen ass face* one soths chopper: *calls for doctor dramatically...
One piece x reader by _Dantalia_
One piece x readerby _Dantalia_
One piece is one of the best animes out there ! And I decided to do one shots about one piece :) Requests closed at the moment ^^
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KillerXReader! AU Modern! ASL siblings! by TitaniaDLuna
KillerXReader! AU Modern! ASL Titania D. Luna
You're the twin sister of Monkey D. Luffy and your two adopted older brothers Ace and Sabo. Your grandpa Garp is usually away because of his work. Leaving you to be resp...
one piece one shots !! by bunshou
one piece one shots !!by bunshou
These are just some stories I am writing based off of my own memory so please bare with me my dudes!!
Cigarettes (Kid x Reader) by Kleptocat321
Cigarettes (Kid x Reader)by Taylor
You have a major crush on school bad boy Eustass Kid, but other than sharing cigarettes with each other you barely talk to him. And it doesn't help the you best friend A...
One-Shots! (One Piece & Others) by simswimsbob
One-Shots! (One Piece & Others)by Dre
One Shots from One Piece! You can request some if you'd like!
One Piece; Book Of One Shots! by -cora-san
One Piece; Book Of One Shots!by inactive ;^;
• on hold... indefinitely.... ^^; • Get ready to fulfill your fantasies of getting with one of your favorite OP boys or girls... or maybe both! (づ ̄ ▽ ̄)づ have fun~~ • hi...
𝐖𝐀𝐈𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐓𝐖𝐎  [LAWLU] by shaxnks
[OMEGAVERSE AU] COMPLETED☑️ ‼️PLEASE READ "WAITING" TO UNDERSTAND THE STORY‼️ It's been a year, when Law finally finds Luffy he already belongs to someone els...