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Black Everything (Eustass Kid x Reader) by teenage_wastezone
Black Everything (Eustass Kid x Paige Beeba
Life was never easy for you, at a young age you saw your mother and island get burn by a buster call just to cleanse the world of the useless, only reason you survived w...
  • readerxeustasskid
  • devilfruit
  • readerxcharacter
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Unfamiliar || One Piece x Reader by redheadedpineapple
Unfamiliar || One Piece x Readerby Bamse
Around the age of 13, every child receives a familiar. The familiar received is based on multiple factors, and ultimately decides the child's fate, for it gives the chil...
  • sanji
  • trafalgarlaw
  • zoro
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Emperors [dad!Kid x mom!reader] by AbyssCronica
Emperors [dad!Kid x mom!reader]by AbyssCronica
SPECIAL FOR 300 FOLLOWERS OS pilot + collections of moments from your parent life with Eustass Kid.
  • killer
  • kid
  • romance
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Pen Pal ~ Trafalgar Law X Reader by piratequeend
Pen Pal ~ Trafalgar Law X Readerby PirateQueenD
Welcome to Red Convoy! Your home between homes! We pride ourselves on being supportive and caring! But be warned! We have a rowdy group and an infestation of little furr...
  • trafalgarlaw
  • monkeydluffy
  • roronoazoro
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One piece lemons & Oneshots by King-Under-Erebor
One piece lemons & Oneshotsby Who is Corrupted?
Nothing wrong with running across the east blue seas and venturing in the grand line looking for love right? And who says love can't exist in another place? Another time...
  • roblucci
  • mature
  • more
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Daycare(OP x Reader) by TraffyBoi
Daycare(OP x Reader)by TraffyBoi
Congratulations! You have been chosen to host and raise Hell's next batch of demons! Not believing it at first, you are thoroughly surprised by the tiny creatures th...
  • mihawk
  • shanks
  • killer
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One-Shots! (One Piece & Others) by simswimsbob
One-Shots! (One Piece & Others)by Dre
One Shots from One Piece! You can request some if you'd like!
  • eustasskid
  • trafalgardlaw
  • doflamingo
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Your World and Mine; Law x Fishman!OC by altreality
Your World and Mine; Law x walternatereality
"...The man's long coat was dragging him farther and farther below the surface, weighing him down with its cumbersome fabric. /A Devil Fruit eater,/ she surmised as...
  • xoc
  • sea
  • sabaody
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One Piece x Reader One Shots ➳ by VSphinx
One Piece x Reader One Shots ➳by sphinx
luffy: *screams* ONE SHOTSS nami: *beats the shit out of luffy* shutup! luffy: *gets back up with a swollen ass face* one soths chopper: *calls for doctor dramatically...
  • whitebeardpirates
  • mugiwara
  • marco
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One Piece x Reader Oneshots by redheadedpineapple
One Piece x Reader Oneshotsby Bamse
-Requests Open- Oneshots of all your favourite pirates, marines, and revolutionaries from One Piece! Feel free to request characters and/or scenarios! Enjoy!
  • ace
  • franky
  • sanjivinsmoke
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One Piece x Reader one shots by OtakuFirePhoenix
One Piece x Reader one shotsby Phoenix-Chan
Some Romantic scenarios between you and some One Piece characters. Though, I haven't watched every episode, but I know enough characters to make this, so that's good. An...
  • luffy
  • lemons
  • sabo
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red riding hood (kid x wolf reader) by lawssa
red riding hood (kid x wolf reader)by lawssa
You a wolf and he you prey, you wanted to eat him but he doesn't make it easy for you. Note: This story is now in Spanish too
  • fanfic
  • eustasskid
  • xreader
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Nike - A girl's victory by RosieSparrow
Nike - A girl's victoryby RosieSparrow
Monkey D. Nike, Luffy's younger twin never knew her brother. Garp told her about him and his sworn brothers during his visits, but never allowed her to visit them. After...
  • roronoazoro
  • shanks
  • brook
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One Piece One Shots! by BlitzDaddy
One Piece One Shots!by Blitz Is Fuckin Hot
  • franky
  • shanks
  • ussop
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Metal Heart by Gr8estWulfLuvrEva11
Metal Heartby Gr8estWulfLuvrEva11
A Eustass Kid x Reader story for OnePieceFanFiction's contest (that was held 5-6 months ago...). Set in a Steampunk AU
  • eustasskidxreader
  • onepiece
  • steampunkau
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One Piece One Shots by AiSenpai
One Piece One Shotsby Artificial Intelligence
Y'ello there folks! This is a bunch of One Shots from that anime we all know about, One Piece! Hope y'all gonna enjoy my one shots and if not, then God must be really c...
  • onepiece
  • eustasskid
  • onepieceagain
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The Shogun and the Samurai by OneHellofaGrell
The Shogun and the Samuraiby Bianca
He traveled many miles from his home, his sole possession: a single sword. Leaving family and his home kingdom behind, the young samurai wandered until he came upon a ki...
  • kidxlaw
  • trafalgarlaw
  • jewlerybonney
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one piece one shots !! by bunshou
one piece one shots !!by nabi !
These are just some stories I am writing based off of my own memory so please bare with me my dudes!! Updated continuously // takes requests as well Don't be shy!!
  • luffy
  • eustasskid
  • wattys2018
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Grand Line High School by JoshuaHyuuga
Grand Line High Schoolby Joshua Ja
Hey guys! This is My first Onepiece fanfic. Well, I've been thinking of this fic for a long time and I think it's pretty cool so I decided to start to write it. Here're...
  • eustasskidxbonney
  • luffyxhancock
  • trafalgarlaw
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"Last light of my life" Trafalgar Law x reader  by Azure-ya
"Last light of my life" •°•azure°•°
After his beloved Cora-san died Law was hopeless. There were no light in his dark thoughts. No hope, no happiness. He was living for a revenge. Everything about him was...
  • trafalgarlawxreader
  • donqixuotefamily
  • corazon
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