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Light In Darkness #Wattys2016 {Second book in the series of Eternal Love}

Light In Darkness #Wattys2016 {Second book in the series of Eternal Love}

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Destruction By SalDIRECTIONER Completed

Second book in the series of Eternal Love. Read Forever And Ever before reading this one.
"Do you know what scares me?"

"What?" As his thumb lightly stroked her left cheek, Stacey leant into the soothing touch with closed eyes. All thoughts left her mind on the warmth seeping in her veins.

Darius looked at his caramel skinned beauty. He smiled and the golden strokes in his eyes shone brightly. His arms went around her waist, making her open her eyes. His body tingled with the sparks.

"What scares you?"

"Darkness." Darius confessed. His heart clenched at her frown which he removed with his thumb.

"Then why do you prefer to live in the dark?" She put her hands on his chest. His heart beat matched to her as both were equally affected by close proximity.

"I think darkness is where I belong." Darius' eyes got the softest shade of brownish yellow.

"Let me take away your fear and make you believe that you belong to Light." Stacey's arms encircled his neck.

"Please cupcake."

"Gladly baby." Stacey felt his lips connecting with hers, satisfying just a small part of her starvation of three years.
Darius Nathan Brooks, 29 years old CEO of Brooks Corporation in Melbourne, is a playboy now. Meaningless sex, flings and new date every week are a part of his new life. But no one crosses his business path for he could turn you to ashes in seconds. Paparazzi always captures all his movements to make profits. But no one knows his secrets. 

He is Darkness and the irony is he is afraid of it.

Stacey Luna Jones, 28 years old is a single mother. Her world revolves around her three year old daughter, Stella Allison Jones. But her heart aches in the worst ways possible because of the loneliness. She is moving to Melbourne to build a bright future. 

She is Light and the beauty is she is Darkness' Light. 

Warning: Contains curse words and unedited.
All rights of this novel are reserved.

AishwaryaHota AishwaryaHota Jul 04, 2016
When did "he" hurt her? I mean it was stacey who build a wall....right.??
kie_nie kie_nie Jan 06, 2016
Yup...i also want 2 read d sequel of 4ever n ever😉
                              N nice chappy
TheNotorious_09 TheNotorious_09 Jan 04, 2016
I loved FOREVER AND EVER and m veryy curious and excited to read the sequel♥
So happy to know that :) 
                              Hopefully you will love the upcoming chapters too
                              Thanks for all the votes :)
                              Thanks a lot :)
                              Well same goes for you 
                              You are as talented if not then mote than me.
                              Already get your story published :)
BhanuMahajan BhanuMahajan Dec 16, 2015
i can't seriously stop thinking about this now. You are so talented, buddy. In love with the book. Hope to see you  soon on NYT bestseller's list.