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To String Together ( Huaze Lei ) by Sammyiams
To String Together ( Huaze Lei )by Samantha Webb
Faye Calinao is a 20 year old musician who is well known for being one of the top cellist at Juilliard. Faye returns to Shanghai for her senior year to accompany the new...
Crystal Wallflower (Meteor Garden FF | Daoming Si × OC) by _Yizhuan
Crystal Wallflower (Meteor Garden...by ꪗỉɀꪊꪖ᭢
Hua Yue was the daughter of Hua Xiaojia, the CEO of Moon (a powerful conglomerate stemming from China). Unlike most heirs and heiresses, she wasn't as popular and as wel...
Strings Attached (Sequel) by Sammyiams
Strings Attached (Sequel)by Samantha Webb
Book 2 of To String Together The incident to occur on Christmas Day, Lei has to live with not only the consequences of what happens for Faye, but another surprise. Start...
Light In Darkness {Second book in the series of Eternal Love} by lei_il_diavolo
Light In Darkness {Second book in...by Simran M.
Read Forever And Ever before reading this one. ~~~~~~ "Do you know what scares me?" "What?" As his thumb lightly stroked her left cheek, Stacey leant...
Tekken Memes by Animebigfan1234
Tekken Memesby Wolf Girl 3.0
its memes full of Tekken. get ready to laugh and relate. These are for Tekken fans that wants some Tekken memes. I am also gonna try draw my own memes and comics. I have...
Starry Eyes - REWRITTEN by Undercover_Angels
Starry Eyes - REWRITTENby ~lei
[Huaze Lei X Reader] ❝I was waiting for you to stop me but you didn't. So I left.❞ ||Meteor Garden (2018) Reboot - Rewritten|| He is an autistic and socially awkward m...
I'LL WAIT YOU by Azaqyrt
I'LL WAIT YOUby wthyuazaa_
"I hope u'll wait for me mahal!" "Sana pagbalik ko matanggap mo parin ako!" "ginawa ko yun kasi ayaw kitang masaktan mas pipiliin kong lumayo ke...
Mercoledì Addams by Anna51511
Mercoledì Addamsby Anna51511
Mercoledì nota come Mercoledivenerdiaddams appartiene ad una famiglia detta:famiglia Addams. Composta da : Gomez Addams(padre);Morticia Addams(madre);Pugsley Addams(frat...
The F4's Princess. (Yan Ximen) by _Dviina
The F4's Princess. (Yan Ximen)by Please ignore my cringy conte...
The story of Y/N and the one and only Ximen, Meteor garden fanfiction.
Meteor Garden // Huaze Lei [ REWRITING ] by DreamPerson04
Meteor Garden // Huaze Lei [ REWRI...by DreamyVanessa
王美星 (Wang Mei Xin) or known as 美星 (Mei Xin) in English it's called (Beautiful Star). Major in Music, Dancing, Singer and a Business administration. She is very skilled a...
~Missing Piece~                             Huaze Lei by CSpades
~Missing Piece~...by CSpades
Kim Aera a girl who hid her dreams deep within creating a fantasy on the outside for everyone else to see. Now going to Ming De University as a senior, she is majoring i...
Meteor Garden-Astro twins Volume.1 by readerwriter90210
Meteor Garden-Astro twins Volume.1by readerwriter90210
This story is based on the 2018 Chinese drama meteor garden,following Seo Ah going to college stumbling across F4,hatred,drama,and love with her twin sister Shancai by h...
Everything or Nothing ! ( AMBW ) by tyaira16
Everything or Nothing ! ( AMBW )by Ty
If anyone would've told Ty a year ago that she would've fell in love with a Chinese man, got married, and would be imprisoned in a glorious Grecian mansion by a mafia bo...
Meteor Garden Imagines by DreamPerson04
Meteor Garden Imaginesby DreamyVanessa
Meteor Garden Imagines. This can be F4 Imagines. This can be Shancai Imagines. Or others
Flowers in the Dark (boyxboy) by canyoucatchacloud
Flowers in the Dark (boyxboy)by Sam
The quiet and sweet loner Lei and a lovely boy named Chris meet unexpectedly one day in the beautiful woods near where they live. Both have been struggling with their ow...
Zuko's Redemption by hpluvrsec311
Zuko's Redemptionby hpluvrsec311
After suffering a life-threatening injury in the streets of Ba Sing Se while searching for his missing uncle, Zuko is forced to accept the help of a beautiful young heal...
𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒊𝒏𝒈;   Hua Ze Lei by iliotropia
𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒊𝒏𝒈; Hua Ze Leiby ໋
"Real love is pure and strong. It captures you completely with such a bitter sweetness, you can't escape. It is so strong your heart begins to ache. But it's the mo...
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Hi guys its my second story...and this story is based on meteor garden 2018...but I am not gonna fully copy it. I am also gonna express my ideas too and also plz ignore...
Dancing Meteors (Meteor Garden 2018) (On Hold) by MakeAnImpactOnYou
Dancing Meteors (Meteor Garden 201...by MakeAnImpactOnYou
Returning to Shanghai, Prisha wasn't expecting to have the famous F4 members, specifically Ah Si Daoming, to disrupt her flow. Juggling between university, jobs, career...
Starry Eyes  - ✔️ by Undercover_Angels
Starry Eyes - ✔️by ~lei
[Huaze Lei X Reader] ❝I want you, I love you, I need you❞ ||Meteor Garden (2018 Reboot) Fan Fiction|| Lei, a socially awkward autistic musical genius, meets his old f...