Balakajan. 💕 Magbasa ka. ✌
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Lei.   by wreating-history
Lei. by wreating-history
"Lei è una ragazza piuttosto strana. Se ne fotte di tutto e di tutti, ma forse qualcuno potrà rompere la sua corazza e le sue paure, insegnandole ad amare!" Ci...
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Starry Eyes  - ✔️ by Undercover_Angels
Starry Eyes - ✔️by 🤞🏻A N G E L S ✍🏻
[Huaze Lei X Reader] ❝I want you, I love you, I need you❞ ||Meteor Garden (2018 Reboot) Fan Fiction|| Lei, a socially awkward autistic musical genius, meets his old f...
  • 2018
  • meteor-garden-fanfic
  • huazeleixreader
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Meteor Garden // Huaze Lei by DreamPerson04
Meteor Garden // Huaze Leiby DreamyVanessa
王美星 (Wang Mei Xin) or known as 美星 (Mei Xin) in English it's called (Beautiful Star). Major in Music, Dancing, Singer and a Business administration. She is very skilled a...
  • youth
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  • 2018
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SHINEAPPLE [BOOK 2]by h e n e r a l
Book 2 na tayo mga kosa. 😄💕👆
  • bahlickanisland
  • wattys2018
  • glessylicious
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Meteor Garden Imagines by DreamPerson04
Meteor Garden Imaginesby DreamyVanessa
Meteor Garden Imagines. This can be F4 Imagines. This can be Shancai Imagines. Or others
  • huazelei
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He Was Art 《Huaze Lei》 by daydreamjimin
He Was Art 《Huaze Lei》by 🧡
"Lei, you're an art You also stole my heart But I knew it from the start We'll still be apart" Y/N was an art major student in Mingde University. She doesn't h...
  • liangjingkang
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  • dongshancai
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Lei 2 by wreating-history
Lei 2by wreating-history
<Tutta questa solitudine comincia ad avvolgermi Ricordo quei momenti in cui abbiamo riso innocentemente. Non posso muovermi, non posso liberarmi...> disse Kess orm...
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Everything or Nothing ! ( A Black Love Story) by tyaira16
Everything or Nothing ! ( A Black...by Ty
If anyone would've told Ty a year ago that she would've fell in love with a Chinese man, got married, and would be imprisoned in a glorious Grecian mansion by a mafia bo...
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Un Giorno, Tre Autunni // Poesie by dreamike
Un Giorno, Tre Autunni // Poesieby alessia ♡
Questa è una raccolta di poesie che ho scritto io, l'ho fatto solo per pure piacere, enjoy it.
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Rainbows and Heartaches by fluffychow99
Rainbows and Heartachesby Lei
all she ever knew is the pastel-painted skies in a brim of heartaches and mischiefs. Book Cover: @heynette
  • fluffychow99
  • poetry
That Nerdy Gangster by DarkWhit106
That Nerdy Gangsterby EmpressOfTheDark106
Kung hindi imposibleng magkaroon ng isang Nerdy Gangster ay hindi rin imposibleng magkaroon ng isang Moody Badboy What if they meet?. What will happen??. Would they.... ...
  • black
  • queen12707
  • kook269
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You Complete Me by leasalongamuhlach
You Complete Meby Ma. Lea Carmen Salonga
"It's you who gave light to my darkness." This is a Aga Muhlach & Lea Salonga fan - fiction story
  • leaaga
  • agamuhlach
  • aga
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Battlefield  by Xinerie
Battlefield by Xine
Every man needs a woman, especially in difficult times. because like in the game of chess, the queen will always protect the king - Lei You can start the fight. B.F...
  • ken
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teenage dream ⇥ meteor island by baeksbox
teenage dream ⇥ meteor islandby ruby ;)
in which ling jia falls in love too many times BOOK ONE METEOR GARDEN
  • meteorgarden
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Indescribable by Kookie1writings
Indescribableby Kookie
A Huaze Lei Fanfic "What is this, what is us for you?" "Us? We were never an us from the start." "Than what was it?" "We were just a...
  • daomingsi
  • caesarwu
  • shenyue
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Monochromatic  by fluffychow99
Monochromatic by Lei
i'll paint the colors through my mind. Book Cover: @heynette
  • fluffychow99
  • poetry
Sex Lessons // Dylan Wang// by babo_bts
Sex Lessons // Dylan Wang//by Hailey Hewitt
Casey had problems for not being able to give a guy what her wants but when the Fuck boy of the school sees her struggle. He wants to help by teaching the innocent what...
  • kdrama
  • dylanwang
  • 2018
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