NERD (Niam) (boyxboy)

NERD (Niam) (boyxboy)

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e By eishytomlinson Updated Nov 17

Niall loves to stick his head in books, learning all he can, as much as he possibly can, filling his brain with knowledge. 

Liam is the basketball star of the school, everybody wants to be him, or to date him, hottest heterosexual guy the girls have ever laid their eyes on. 

there's just one problem,

Liam may not be as heterosexual as they thought, and he might be falling for the dorky nerd at the front of the classroom.

ItsEmily998 ItsEmily998 Mar 02
You should of said soccer us Aussie would of stood up with ya
I first read this thinking it said "I get hard sometimes" 😂😂😂
user-451 user-451 Sep 08
"Lessen" means to diminish. I think you meant to type "lesson." Good story so far tho :3 also, maybe refrain in the future from adding author's comments. It distracts one from the story. But again, love it so far--really good! (:
lol, my mom was so happy when Olivia came out cuz her name is Olivia and I'm all like, you lucky mother of mine because I don't call my mother a bitch 😂
Larry_Gurl Larry_Gurl Jun 27
Do what I do when people say your name wrong look around like your confused
You should've left it and just defended yourself if anyone gave you hate. But hey it sounds good either way and I'm not judging cause it does kinda make sense as to why you changed it