When two nerds meet. (Larry Stylinson) AU (Boyxboy) Needs editing

When two nerds meet. (Larry Stylinson) AU (Boyxboy) Needs editing

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Louis' Wannabe Lover By louisloveharry_larry Completed

Louis has to move schools because of bullying what went to far. Not just for being a 'nerd' (which he really isn't) but for being gay.

His new school is Homes Chapel Comprehensive School.

He befriends the school 'Bad Boi', (who isn't even that bad, he just has tattoos, piercings and is quite muscular) Zayn. Then his two best friends Liam and Niall, well Niam.

But what will happen when he bumps into the schools nerdyest nerd. Marcel.

Will both of them be enemies, be friends of more?

But Marcel has a secret. A big one....


I Have A Math Teacher Called Miss Patel At My School. This Story Is Already Creeping Me Out! I Am Louis!
A lil too early lou hold on a bit not that fast and pssssshhhh dont tell your mum
Yo so I just stopped reading the first part of another story to come here and his mom said the same thing in the first few lines mind blown
therosetohisdagger therosetohisdagger Aug 27, 2016
Bruh I knew a gurl with her last name being Patel and let's just say she wasn't friendly ....
Queen__Bee14 Queen__Bee14 Sep 19, 2016
Sanjay Patel from  nd Sanjay and Craig i love that show btw nd idk if that's how u spell his last name❤😂✌
justholdkiwis justholdkiwis Aug 11, 2016
My locker number is my room cuz I'm homeschooled because my public middle school was an actual hellhole I don't understand how people go there. Much less how I went there for 1 year and two months